Save friendships with Group bills 💯

1 September 2022Emma Potter

Tired of the endless calculations? Or listening to your mate’s excuses for not paying up? Say hello to Group bills. At Revolut, we’re all about making life a breeze. That means no more maths, awkward payment requests or arguments over who owes what. Check out our top tips below and keep those friendships tight.

Squabble over TV shows, not bills 💵

House-sharing with your besties? Living the dream! But let’s not pretend it’s all rainbows and smiles; when it’s time to pay the bills, things can get ugly. You’ve got gas and electricity coming out of your account, but last week, Sarah shelled out for a new vacuum and Carlos bought everyone dinner. Well, it’s time to toss the calculator in that new soft-close bin that Lou just had to have. Group bills keeps track of your household expenses and does all the calculations for you. We’ll send automatic reminders to everyone, so there’s no more chasing. That’s the bills split, fair and square.

Take the stress out of group trips 🌍

Ever got to the end of the holiday and realised you paid for five meals out, three rounds of drinks and the rental car? No one wants to do maths when they’re abroad, so let Group bills do it for you. Need to pay back or get paid in multiple currencies? No problem; we’ll sort out the exchange rates too. If you’re traveling with kids or maybe treating your partner, you can split bills however you like; it doesn’t have to be even. Just leave the calculations to us.

Honeymoon period, always 💗

Living with your other half can be a bit of a minefield at times, but don’t let household finances be the obstacle to a peaceful life together. From groceries to holidays to weekends away, Group bills helps keep it fair, without going to bed angry. Create a joint group and split your expenses in whatever way works for you. Keep all your bills in one place so you’ve both got a clear overview of what you’ve been spending. Relationship bliss? Here we come.

Make splitting group bills a breeze 😌

Whether you’re partying with friends or planning that big family holiday, money doesn’t have to be madness. Split bills fairly and easily, and give up the chase. Group bills has got your back. Get your friends and family on Revolut today!

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