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People · 8 March 2023Karolina Gruszczyk

At the beginning of the year, you were announced the chair of the RevWomen Guild at Revolut. How have the first weeks in this new role been going?

Starting 2023 with a new opportunity and role in Revolut was really exhilarating and also challenging. Although I have expertise managing initiatives of a similar nature, and have volunteered with RevWomen for almost a year, I was aware that the expectations were higher this time. I was stressed about whether I was up to the challenges.

RevWomen is one of our inclusive guilds and brings together over 900 members from all around the world. So many diverse experiences, a variety of expectations! I thought that creating initiatives that would be impactful and enjoyable for such a diverse group of people would be quite demanding, but it turned out to be smooth through sharing a common goal. Revolut gave me the chance to connect with incredible, encouraging people and to support women in business from many different countries.

I can easily say now, that is going great, and I couldn't imagine a better place to be in 2023.

What is the mission of RevWomen Guild? Who can be a member of it?

Promote diversity, equality, and female empowerment. Each woman provides unique insights to the corporate world and management, since she has different sets of life and work experiences.

Additionally, her skills are unique, resulting in different viewpoints, preferences, and approaches. RevWomen encourages women to reach their greatest potential by exploring, learning, exchanging, and concentrating on their own growth, with the opportunities Revolut is giving to them.

Everyone is invited to join RevWomen, participate in our activities, or even assist us in their creation. There are no prerequisites for membership. I am really glad to see us expanding!

March has just started, which means that Women's Day is approaching! How are we going to celebrate it at Revolut?

Women's Day will be celebrated at Revolut throughout the entire month. We have a set of lectures that address business and personal growth. We’ll discuss personal branding, work-life balance, development, and self-assurance. There will be a special program focused on maximising individual potential. There are more events, but I want to keep them a surprise for RevWomen in the coming weeks.

Actually, the main initiative will take place within the Revolut app. We partnered with leading nonprofits that are assisting and supporting other women all around the world. We are starting a fundraising drive over the next month that’ll give every Revolut user the chance to donate money to a certain charity. The organisations will get a complete donation of all funds raised. We are extremely pleased to assist and support any organisations working to improve the world.

How do you manage to balance your work as KYC Support Team Leader and leading the Women’s Month?

My sense of work-life balance is determined by the fulfilment I get from taking on difficult initiatives, and by working in a supportive environment with like-minded colleagues. This is how I feel at Revolut. Team Leader, and Chair of RevWomen Guild, both fit aspects of my personality. I can fulfil myself in various business areas where I know I am good.

Working together, in my opinion, is founded on trust and the ability to freely communicate one's ideas and thoughts. Everything is predicated on effective communication, which is essential for grasping one another, and our goals. And I put this into practice every day. My team can always count on me and my support. We talk, listen, we set our goals, and we consider improvements. We brainstorm together.

What do you wish for all the women out there for Women's Day?

To celebrate Women’s Day every day. To appreciate ourselves, to be proud of our own achievements, and feel great in our own skin.

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