Revoluter Diaries: A week in London, UK with our Sales Development Representative

People · 6 April 2022

Welcome to our new Revoluter Diaries series, where we move across the globe to give you an exclusive peek into the lives of our Revoluters. Who are they? What do they do? What goes into reinventing how the world does money?

Today, we have Hannah Bernasconi, our Sales Development Representative living in London.


  • 8am - Walk to the office through the mall in Canary Wharf ☀️ Going to the office everyday makes me more productive as I can’t focus when working from home.
  • 9am - Join the team meeting to kick off the week, we review the wins and losses of the previous week and discuss exciting deals for the week ahead.
  • 11am - Stay up to date with the latest funding rounds and tech news, and prepare a nice outreach to make prospective clients aware of how Revolut Business would benefit them 🚀
  • 12pm - Enjoy the catered lunch in the office: Workplace Experience is treating us to a lunchtime feast 🌹
  • 7pm - Aqua Gym 💦 After being seated all day, it’s nice to get moving and release some endorphins

Today’s highlight: We got a new starter in our team - he’s already very good!


  • 10am - Jump on a demonstration of the Revolut Business product with a prospect. It’s super interesting to discuss with high level decision makers from different industries and backgrounds.
  • 1pm - Eating Farmer J 🍗 Go To lunch place in Canary Wharf. Healthy and delicious 🥦
  • 3pm - Time for a quick catch up with my buddies. Established employees are here to help new joiners get settled in their new jobs and up to speed with the fast moving company that is Revolut.
  • 4pm - Go through all product tour requests received during the day — Potential Business customers who’ve enquired through the ‘contact sales’ button on the website.
  • 5pm - End of the day wrap up with the team; quite informal and funny!

Today’s highlight: Booked my flight to go home next weekend 🇫🇷  ✈️


  • 10am - Mini competition on the #revplace-uk slack channel 🥇 Trying to win exciting prizes by solving enigmas and challenges.
  • 3pm - Drink Dash Water — my favourite office drink, zero calorie flavoured fizzy water. The pink one is the best.
  • 4pm - Meeting with managers to organise our next Sales Team social event — we’ll be going for a big night out!
  • 5pm - Team brainstorming on strategies and best practice: everyone shares their experiences and ideas.
  • 8pm - Heading home to spend some time with my roommate and cook a nice meal.

Today’s highlight: The product team just released super exciting features that all clients will love.


  • 7am - Pilates 🧘
  • 10am - Finalising a custom plan proposal for an enterprise client.
  • 11am - Tracking all my clients in the onboarding process, identifying what are the blockers and working with the onboarding team to get them over the line.
  • 7pm - Team drinks! 🍸

Today’s highlight: My biggest prospect for this quarter is moving forward with the opening of a Revolut Business account!


  • 9am - Time for Follow up Friday! I’m calling all the prospects I’m actively working on to make sure next steps are established.
  • 11am -  in the cafeteria. This is a very nice way to meet people from other departments and learn more about the Revolut ecosystem.
  • 3pm - Check Metabase and keep track of the revenue and commission made throughout the week.
  • 5pm - Wrapping up the week, making sure all scheduled tasks are completed and planning what needs to be done next week.
  • 6pm - Finally closing my computer to enjoy the weekend!

    Today’s highlight: My manager is on holiday today so I get lots of responsibility passed on that is unique to the Revolut experience.

How did a week in Hannah's shoes feel like? You could have a similarly brilliant career with us. Find your opportunities on our Careers page.

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