Revolut <18. The account built for teens⚡️

18 August 2022Emma Potter

You asked, we answered. You wanted more of Revolut, so it’s time to unveil Revolut <18. This brand new app still has everything that made Junior brilliant, plus exciting new features and a cleaner, fresher design, so it’s a bit more like our main app. Get ready to spend, send and stash money with ease. We can’t wait to see what you do with <18 in your pocket.

Unleash your creativity with your own spending card 🎨

Say hello to the neon yellow <18 card, designed to dazzle (and pretty tricky to misplace). Personalise your new physical card to make it uniquely yours, and stand out from your friends (personalisation fees may apply). Order your card from your parents’ app and add it to Apple or Google Pay (subject to availability) so you can spend even when you don't have your card with you.

Tell friends and family to “Revolut me!” 💬

We promised to bring you more of the main Revolut app, and with <18, that’s exactly what we’ve done. What’s more Revolut than spending and sending money? If you’re in the UK and EEA, send and receive to and from friends and family on Revolut <18 at no cost. You can even add a little personality to your payments with gifs and notes. Minimum age requirements apply – see more info in your app.

Smash your savings goals 💥

Your app’s layout makes it easier to see how much money you’ve got left. Stashing the cash to save for college? Or maybe you’ve just been eyeing up the latest new sneakers. Whatever you’re saving for, we’ve got your back. With Revolut <18, you can set goals and track your progress in-app, plus keep your savings separate from your spending money, so you don’t use it by accident.

How does it work? 👀

  1. Download the <18 app and create an account. If you’re under the age of data consent (13 in the UK, US and some EEA countries, 15 in Australia) your parent will need to create an account for you in their Revolut app
  2. Get approved by your parents or guardians
  3. Choose a spending card, personalise it (personalisation fees may apply), and when it arrives, add it to Apple or Google Pay (subject to availability)

That’s literally it, so what are you waiting for?

Tell your friends! 😍

We hope you love Revolut <18 as much as we do. Get your friends on-board so they can sign themselves up for free.

P.S: Parents, take a peek at the blog just for you.

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