Revolut Smart Driving: Your policy, your way

Revolut · 31 July 2023Emma Potter

Whether you’re a young driver or not, we’ve got a telematics car insurance policy for you! We’re introducing Revolut's Smart Driving policy, designed to change the way car insurance is done in Ireland. Check out how this policy can benefit you and discover how it works.

What is Revolut’s Smart Driving policy? 🚗

Revolut's Smart Driving policy is designed to personalise your car insurance experience. By choosing Smart Driving and self-installing a telematics device in your car, you’ll get upfront savings* on your insurance premium and valuable driving insights in-app. The device is discreet (it can fit in the palm of your hand), and the installation process takes less than a minute.

Smart Driving is only available for customers with up to 5 claim-free years, and is mandatory on Revolut’s Car Insurance policy for drivers with less than 1 year on their driving licence and subject to a minimum premium. Driving scores earned over the first year of insurance with Smart Driving will be used as part of your renewal premium calculation.

What's in it for you? 💜

When it comes to car insurance, we know saving money is a top priority. With our Smart Driving policy, you'll receive an upfront discount on your premium, potentially saving up to 44%*! This policy is perfect for drivers looking to build their driving experience or increase their claim-free years, but it’s not limited to just young drivers.

*The upfront discount percentage depends on the profile and characteristics of the driver, with younger and inexperienced drivers benefiting the most, up to 44%. For example, a 23-year-old individual residing in Dublin, driving a 2016 Ford Fiesta (1242cc) valued at €4,000, with no previous claim-free driving experience and a full Irish licence held for up to 2 years, will receive a 44% discount on their policy by opting in for our Smart Driving policy. The quote on our standard Comprehensive policy was €1,428, but with Smart Driving discounts applied, it reduced to €800. All eligible customers qualify for a discount. Get a quote to check the discount you may receive for our Smart Driving policy

Want a renewal reminder? 📆

Let us know when your car insurance is up for renewal, and if you’re a Revolut customer, we’ll send you a reminder in-app and via email to check out Revolut Car Insurance.

How does it work? 🧐

We’ve streamlined the Smart Driving experience to be simple and hassle-free. Installing our compact telematics device is a breeze — just plug it into your car's 12V accessory socket, start the engine, and your device will be activated in under a minute.

The device will collect essential data on your driving behaviour, including speed, acceleration, braking, and more. You can access this data in-app, and it can empower you to track your driving skills, make improvements over time, and compare your progress with other drivers.

Check out our video guide on Smart Driving to learn more.

What you need to be aware of 👀

To make sure you have uninterrupted coverage, you need to activate your device within 14 calendar days of the policy start date and keep it plugged in throughout the entire coverage period. Failure to activate the device in time could lead to policy cancellation, and if your device remains unplugged, accidental damage cover will be removed from your policy. Tampering with the device will result in policy cancellation.

We encourage everyone to drive responsibly and safely, avoiding dangerous behaviours like excessive speeding, harsh braking, aggressive acceleration, sharp cornering, or abrupt lateral movements. Excessive speeding (over 160 km/hour on a public road) will lead to immediate cancellation, and any dangerous behaviours like this may impact your prices at renewal.

Take your time to decide if you want to enable Smart Driving on your policy. Once you purchase a Smart Driving policy, you won’t be able to change to a standard policy until the end of your annual coverage period, but you can choose to cancel the policy mid-term. Select the best policy for you and enjoy the ride, hassle-free.

The important stuff:

  1. Check out our privacy policy for an overview of how we use and protect your personal data and our terms of business for reference. You can also refer to AIG’s privacy policy to understand how your personal data is processed by them
  2. Car Insurance is distributed by Revolut Insurance Europe and exclusively underwritten by AIG Europe S.A. (Ireland Branch). Revolut Insurance Europe UAB is authorised by the Bank of Lithuania in the Republic of Lithuania and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules. Revolut Insurance Europe UAB provides insurance distribution services. Policy T&Cs apply (available in-app)

Got a question? 🚙

Go to our FAQ page if you have any questions about Smart Driving or Car Insurance. You can also get in touch with us via our in-app chat.

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