The era of ease has arrived with Revolut 10

10 October 2023Jessica Phelan

Today’s the day — 10.10, aka Revolut 10 day! What’s so special about the launch of the latest version of our app? Let’s dive in...

You asked for all things money made easy, so we challenged ourselves to see how easy we could make Revolut 10. And we think you’ll find that it’s not only super smooth, and intuitive, but will also be your new favourite way to do money.

What’s new?

📱 A new, simplified look – view all your money on the sleek home screen and switch between accounts and currencies with a tap.

✨ Add your style – personalise your app with custom backgrounds, widgets, themes, and navigation.

💳 Send quickly, spend flexibly, and save daily – take care of all your money tasks more quickly than ever.

Every pixel, swipe, tap — designed for ease

After conducting countless customer interviews and diving deep into user research, we heard one thing loud and clear — ’make it easier’. So, we set our sights on a new era of Revolut, one built around ease.

“Listening to our customers was key to Revolut 10. My goal is making money streamlined and easy to manage for everyone, which means considering every pixel, swipe, and tap along the way.”

— Maria Herrera, Head of Product Design

Now, we’re ready to share the highlights of Revolut 10, which we’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours testing, prototyping, and refining. And if you’re the type that likes to get under the hood, then get the inside scoop from the people behind the product on our Revolut 10 webpage.

All accounts, all in one spot

As soon as you sign in, you’ll see a new way to instantly view and access all your main Revolut accounts. Then switch from one account to another with just a tap. So, if you’re checking how much is in your EUR account, and then have the urge to top up your Joint Account – just tap.

A style that suits you

Our mission to create an easier money experience goes beyond just improving the navigation, because we know that when Revolut feels like home, you’ll simply enjoy it more. That’s why we’ve built an app that’s made to be designed by you.

Customise Revolut 10 to reflect your needs and your vibe. Pick an overall theme and then choose a different background for each account, so you can quickly differentiate between them. Don’t forget to add widgets for your most-used features, so you can quickly tap the things you care about most.

Send, spend, and save — easily

Doing all your daily money things should be the easiest thing about your day. And now, with Revolut 10, it’s all just a tap away. That means spending flexibly, sending money faster, and watching your savings grow daily with our savings accounts (T&Cs apply).

Explore Revolut 10

Ready to live life in the easy lane? If your app hasn’t been automatically updated, then follow these steps:

  • Go to your app store
  • Search Revolut
  • Tap Update and make sure you’re updating to the latest version
  • Head back to the Revolut app > Profile > New features > turn on the toggle to see the new look
  • Enjoy the new design!

(Note: the new app version is being rolled out gradually, so it might take some time for you to see the new features.)

Now, go take it easy, while we continue to make things even better with the next evolution of Revolut.

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