Our love language? Giving you new features 💌

23 February 2023Daniela Carvalho

Valentine's Day may be over, but our love language is giving you the best new features, all year round. Check them out:

Be one of the first to access Ultra

Unparalleled access, experiences, and perks await you with Ultra — our top-tier plan debuting in Spring 2023. Join the waitlist now to unlock up to 5% cashback on purchases made in your first month with Ultra when on an annual plan. Read more in our FAQs and terms. Available in the UK and EEA

Make instant card transfers

Send money globally with instant card transfers. They’re easy and can make your money travel in a few seconds.* Just tap in the details and hit ‘send’. Your transfers, sorted. Fees may apply.
*Delays may occur, (e.g. internal review, receiver’s bank verification, etc.)

Grow your money with Savings Vaults

Now that the 93 days of January are over, you can finally put some money aside. Get attractive annual interest rates, paid daily. Available in the UK and US

It’s official: you can send dinero to Argentina

La plata, el cobre, la guita. Doesn’t matter what you name it, you can now transfer money to your loved ones (that includes Argentinian pesos - ARS), in Argentina. Try it out! Fees apply

The month of overly attached couples and roses has flown by, but we hope you fell for our new features as much as we did. Keep your eyes peeled, we know March is bringing some spring makeovers you’ll love!

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