Never Settle: from Customer Support Agent to Senior Financial Crime Analyst - Vitalii Zelenyi’s Revolut journey

People · 17 November 2021Karolina Kubala

Starting in customer support, through compliance, data analysis and even supporting the L&D team, our Senior Financial Crime Analyst in Kraków, Vitalii Zelenyi, is a real example of our Never Settle & Dream Team values.

Being a Revoluter is like being on an intense rollercoaster, but for me it’s the ideal combination of challenges and development with maintaining a work-life balance.

I originally joined Revolut in 2016, when Revolut in Poland was really small. After graduating from university in Poland, I worked in Russia, but after a while, I felt the urge to return to Poland. It was kind of a gut feeling that it would be a good move. And it was.

When I got a call from Revolut, I was a little dismayed that I’d have to travel eight hours for the interview in Kraków. If I had known back then the opportunities that the company would provide and how it would positively impact my career, I would have certainly gone to my interview with a more positive attitude. Back then I wasn’t sure if I should accept the offer. The company was small and not known - there were around 20-50 workplaces and monitors in the office. It's hard to believe that in only five years we’ve grown to more than 700 employees in Poland, a nice modern office and 15mil+ customers!”

In companies that are growing as fast as Revolut, there are always numerous interesting projects popping up. You are never bored and opportunities are at your fingertips.

`I started working in Customer Support, where I helped our customers solve various problems in-app. I’ve seen first hand the pace of our development, how we have recruited new employees and improved processes. After just nine months I switched departments and joined the Business Compliance team as an analyst. This department was growing very fast at the time. My work there involved screening business customers for creditworthiness, i.e. businesses and companies. I was then promoted to senior analyst and my next position was as a Subject Matter Expert.

My work is worthwhile

After three years in Revolut there was a great opportunity to join the FinCrime department. I was ready to start another chapter. When I joined the Financial Crime department in 2019, my career took a turn towards finance. I've always wanted my work to be meaningful. Working in FinCrime means that I'm doing something important, something that impacts our customers. As financial institutions develop, financial crime develops in parallel. Thanks to the work of specialists in the FinCrime departments, we’re able to identify or prevent many crimes. I really have the feeling that my work is worthwhile.

On Returning to Revolut

After 4 years within the company I felt the urge to try something new. I think it is natural for human beings to be curious and always moving forward. We want to check if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. I am glad I did it. Changing my environment has given me a fresh perspective of what is valuable to me.
Rejoining Revolut in 2021 after a year with a different company, the warm welcome and fast onboarding reassured me that I was in the right place. What I value the most in Revolut is the company's culture and pace of development. Here I have the ideal combination of challenges and development with maintaining a work-life balance.
The difference between 2016 and 2021 is enormous. For me, Revolut is no longer a start-up, it's a globally established and recognized company, with huge ambitions to continue growing like a start-up. We're not easing off, we’re continuing to develop quickly, we're adding new products to the app and improving processes. What keeps surprising me is that now everyone already knows about our product. When I’m talking to friends and sometimes even to strangers, I never have to explain to anyone where I work.

If you’re interested in joining Revolut to build the next million-customer market, why not take a look at our Careers page and explore job opportunities?

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