Lavender has landed 💜

16 August 2021George Blew

This summer has us feeling a certain type of way! Now we're all back out there, seeing our friends and traveling the world again, it feels like a fresh new start. And we think you deserve more with the card you're out there using every day. More choice, more expression, more beauty. So, to help you make your card more you, we’re adding a gorgeous new card to our core Metal collection: Lavender.

Enjoy the exclusivity of a rare Lavender card 🔮

Not only is our new Metal Lavender card beautiful to look at, it’s a colour you won’t find on any other card (that we know of). Which means, if you think it’s as gorgeous as we do, you can finally add it to your wallet or purse. We’re just sorry it took so long.

Bring some beauty with you, wherever you go 👛

We know that beauty isn’t the only thing you look for in a card. Fortunately, the Metal Lavender card is packed with all the safety features, like freezing and unfreezing in a tap, that you expect from our cards. So you can finally have the card you want, with the security you need.

A core collection that lets you be you 🌈

After your phone, your card is probably the most-used item you own (or at least in your top 5). So, naturally, you want it to reflect who you are. We want that, too. Which is why we’ve permanently added Lavender to our core collection, giving you the choice that you deserve.

Upgrade to get Metal Lavender 🌸

The luxury feel that comes with Lavender needs a material to match. If you’re currently on a Metal plan, you can order your Lavender Metal card now in-app. (Already got a Metal card? You’ll have to pay a fee for this one). If you’re not, simply upgrade to our Metal subscription and you’ll get one included with your new plan. Plus, all the other great benefits, too, of course.

Ready to get your Metal Lavender card?

💜 Check that you’re using the latest version of the app
💜 Upgrade to a Metal paid plan, if you haven’t already
💜 Head to Cards > Add card > Debit card, and select Lavender
💜 Wait for your card to arrive in the post
💜 Enjoy a splash magic every time you tap

Our Metal terms will apply to your account. Plans are annual, with an option for monthly or annual billing. See applicable plan fees in our Fees Page.

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