Jumping on board: Pamela’s story joining the Risk & Compliance team

People · 25 July 2023Alex Carril

Since Pamela Bonafini joined the rocket ship as a Financial Crime Compliance Manager for Revolut Brazil in February 2023, she’s already been an integral part of the company’s compliance strategy and launch of our first products in Brazil. Here’s Pamela’s experience on what it’s like to be part of the Risk & Compliance Team that never settles.

Tell us about your experience so far in your first few months with the company.

As most of my colleagues say, time at Revolut runs quickly, so I feel like I’ve been here longer! Since the selection process until now, I've felt supported. As a customer before starting, I know first-hand the benefits of using a single financial super app, and now having the opportunity to be a part of the expansion here in Brazil motivates me a lot. Every day is different, and I have the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. I'm still living in a honeymoon period and everything delights me.

Can you talk about the hiring process you went through?

It was a long and interesting journey! I had around 5 stages in the recruitment process: a chat with an HR rep, a technical problem-solving interview, a general problem-solving interview, the bar raiser interview that was totally related with my previous experience, and the last one was an interview with Glauber Mota, CEO for Revolut Brazil. For each stage, HR was available to help with any doubts and provide assistance with resources that helped me to get prepared. It was a long process, but it’s clear the company wants to make sure you are a good fit and align with our values.

What can you say about the company culture at Revolut, and how do you feel you’re fitting in?

It's a balance between the technology and the financial sectors, which was particularly what I was looking for. Working with local and global Revoluters, I quickly saw how operations, marketing, risk & compliance, and FinCrime teams all work together to maintain our controls and provide the highest level of security to our customers.

At the beginning, I was worried about starting from scratch and the time it would take to be recognised for my work in a new company. Revolut showed me I am in the right place — I am recognised, my work is seen and praised, and I feel accomplished with the leadership and the team that I am part of in Brazil.

What resources and training have you had that helps new hires like you succeed in their role?

When I joined the company, the probation period gave me the opportunity to take training courses to understand the company's values, strategy, and culture, as well as my obligations as an employee. I had a buddy during this phase, which helped a lot to feel welcomed on board. I met many stakeholders from the global team who were inviting and gave me lots of tips on how to succeed at Revolut. I had time to prepare and study for the challenges ahead, but this learning is daily and motivating. A special thanks to my team, line manager and buddy that have been making this journey so light and pleasant.

How have you been able to manage your work-life balance since you started?

I manage my tasks and responsibilities in a way that I can also have my “me time”. I really believe that people are more productive in a flexible environment. I can take time to walk my dogs, enjoy my hobbies, like pilates and circus classes, and spend time with my family and friends. This is the part I love most about Revolut — the flexibility of being able to balance my work life with my personal life.

Are there any benefits you’re already taking advantage of or plan to in the near future?

We have a top standard health plan here in Brazil, in addition to benefits such as food/meal vouchers, half-yearly bonuses and, my favourite, the ability to work abroad!

What advice would you give someone considering a career in risk & compliance at Revolut, based on your own experience so far?

Be resilient, embrace the company values, and just be you. The support you need for your growth and career evolution will be provided by Revolut.

Ready to embark on your own adventure? Join us at Revolut and become a part of our vibrant team revolutionising the financial services industry.

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