How to spot phone or text message scams

7 May 2021Emma Potter

Fraudsters are always looking for new ways to gain access to your account, trick you into disclosing your personal information or making a payment to an account controlled by them.

We want to make sure all our customers know what we’ll do if we contact you. And, most importantly, the information we’ll never ask you to provide.

One common way they try to do this is by contacting you over the phone or by text message, claiming to be from Revolut Customer Support or the Revolut Fraud Team. This type of scam can be really effective as fraudsters can easily ‘spoof’ phone numbers, to make calls or text messages look like they’re coming from Revolut when they're not.

If we need to call you, we’ll always let you know in advance through the app and we’ll never call you out of the blue.

On a call, we will never:

  • Tell you that your money is in danger or ask you to move money to a "safe account"
  • Give you account details or pressure you to move money to a different account
  • Ask you for your passcodes, passwords, PIN, card details or sensitive personal information    

If we send you an email or text message, we will never:

  • Send you a link to a website and ask you to provide sensitive information (like a password or PIN)

Be wary of any messages that ask you to follow a link. Fraudulent links will often include misspellings or a wrong Revolut URL. If we need to email you, it will only be from Make sure you only access the Revolut website via

If you receive a phone call or a text message from someone claiming to be from Revolut and you think it’s suspicious, or if you’re ever unsure, get in touch with us through the in-app chat.

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