How to Send & Request money from people Near Me 📲

How to · 15 May 2018Rob Braileanu

Sending and requesting money is one of the most popular features among Revolut users, and we've just made it even better.

Until now, you would need to have the person you want to split the bill with added as a contact in your phone. And while this is great for your close friends and family, what if you don't know the person that well?

This is where Near Me comes into play. Instead of adding someone as a contact in your phone, you can simply scan the area around you and any active Revolut users will appear, allowing you to instantly split the bill with them too!

💡 Did you know you can split the bill, send or receive money in 25 currencies with any Revolut customer?

How does it work? 🛰

Near Me uses your phone's geolocation to find other Revolut users nearby who are also using the feature. This makes is super easy to split the bill with people who are not in your address book, by simply sending or requesting the desired amount.

If your friends are living in the dark ages and do not yet have a Revolut account, they can always pay you back later from their regular bank card via a RevMe payment link.

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How do I set it up? ⚙️

In traditional Revolut style, setting up Near Me literally takes no time at all. Make sure you've updated to the latest version of the app and then follow these simple steps:

  • Tap the 'Payments' tab in the menu
  • Tap 'People Near Me'
  • Enable 'Near Me' and select your location sharing preferences (your friends need to do this too)
  • See a list of Revolut users around you to select from (they need to have the Near Me screen open too)
  • Choose to either 'Send' or 'Receive' money and confirm the amount
  • Watch the magic happen before your eyes ✨
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