Give them a headstart on money with Revolut <18 ✨

18 August 2022Emma Potter

Your kids asked for more of the main Revolut app, and that’s what we’re bringing them. We’ve been hard at work on a fresh look and feel for our new <18 app. With all the features you know and love, plus some exciting new ones, give your <18s the right amount of independence. They’ll even get their own app and card, giving them everything they need to start spending and saving independently.

Unleash their creativity with a new spending card 🎨

Hello yellow! Promote money positivity - and make it harder to misplace their card - with this bright new colour scheme. Order their new card from your app and let them design it (personalisation fees may apply). They can even add their card to Apple or Google Pay (subject to availability) for times when they don't have their wallet on them. You’ll still get notifications for whatever they’re spending, and they’ll have the right amount of independence.

Tell them to “Revolut me!” 💬

Revolut <18 brings more of the main Revolut app to young people than ever before. Teens in the UK and EEA can send and receive money to and from friends on Revolut <18 at no cost (with your approval), and even add notes and gifs to requests to show off their personality. Minimum age requirements apply – check the app for more info.

Give them a headstart on all things money 💵

The Revolut <18 app’s new cleaner screen makes it easier to see how much money they’ve got in their account. Plus, they can use alerts and track their spend to help their allowance go the distance. Say goodbye to cash handouts (hopefully)!

Family finances, sorted 🏡

Get the whole family involved. Upgrade to any of our paid plans to add a co-parent so you’ll be on the same page when it comes to your kids. You’ll both be able to do things like send their allowance, set challenges and manage controls. Teamwork makes the dream work! Need more than one <18 account for your family? Upgrade to Metal to unlock up to five accounts and make the most of all our awesome <18 features. (If you’re in the US, you’ve already got access to co-parenting and up to five accounts.)
Metal terms will apply to your account. Plans are annual, with an option for monthly or annual billing. See applicable plan fees in our Fees Page.

How does it work? 🚀

  1. Get your teens to download the Revolut <18 app and create an account if they haven’t already. (If they’re under the age of data consent – 13 in the UK & US,  16 in Ireland and 15 in Australia – you’ll need to create an account for them from your own Revolut app)
  2. Approve their account from your Revolut app
  3. Help them choose a spending card, personalise it (personalisation fees may apply), and when it arrives, add it to Apple or Google Pay (subject to availability)

That’s it! Now watch them start spending and saving independently with Revolut <18!

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