Feel closer to family with instant card transfers 💳

26 September 2022Emma Potter

If you have family and friends around the world, chances are, it’s hard to feel close at times. With different timezones, separate lives and borders between you, it might seem hard to support them in all the little ways that count, like sending cash gifts or money to help out with expenses. That’s where instant card transfers come in. Support the ones you love without the limits; send money to a card instantly, no matter where they are, and feel closer than ever.

(Weekend mark-ups and fair usage fees may apply.)

From your account, straight to their card ➡️

Whether you’re sending some cash to say Happy Birthday, or helping a sibling out with money for school, it couldn’t be simpler with instant card transfers. Send money from your Revolut account straight to their card. It’s all in-app and you don’t need to mess about with IBANs or bank details. All you need is their card number.

It’s easy and super fast 🏎

Forget exchange rates, wait times and figuring out currency. Just tap send and off it goes, no matter the distance. Plus, it’s instant; watch your transfer arrive in real-time, as if you were handing it to them yourself.

Safely secured by trusted institutions 🔐

We’ve implemented two-factor authentication and we’re fully PCI DSS compliant, meaning your information is secure from start to finish, and your transfers are protected. We don’t store any card numbers, so instant card transfers are safe as well as speedy. The security of your money is our top priority, so you won’t catch us cutting corners.

Get started:

Supporting the ones you love doesn’t have to be complicated. Transfer straight to card and make your life - and theirs - a little easier.
💳 Make sure you've got the latest version of the app
💳 Tap Transfer > New > Card recipient
💳 Enter their card details and tap Send

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