Elevate and Excel: Our guide to launching your career in risk and compliance

People · 30 August 2023Alex Carril

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, risk and compliance (R&C) play a vital role in the success of organisations — this is especially true for rapidly growing companies such as Revolut. When it comes to finding the perfect fit for these roles, we believe the hiring process should be both enlightening and inspiring. So, we sat down with Anna Nowakowska, R&C recruiter, and Pilar Núñez de Arcos, R&C sourcer, to give potential candidates an insight into our recruitment process, and a glimpse of the vibrant company culture that sets Revolut apart from the rest.

Can you walk us through the typical hiring process for a potential Revoluter?

Anna: The process at Revolut is really different from other companies. It's not only about your experience and knowledge, but also about your way of thinking and handling problems; your values and ambition. I think the process itself is quite an interesting experience as it gives you an opportunity to see how Revolut works from the inside, with a broader perspective.

Pilar: The recruitment process consists of 5 or 6 stages, depending on your seniority, and normally takes about 4 weeks to complete. During the whole journey the recruiter will support you, provide feedback, and prepare you for the next interviews. Each step is specifically designed to show your potential as a future Revoluter.

You specifically hire risk and compliance Revoluters. Can you tell us about the purpose and importance of R&C at Revolut?

Pilar: In order to grow at a rapid rate we need to ensure we have robust risk and compliance controls in place. This will help us grow in a sustainable way. R&C underpins everything we do — it’s at the heart of how we deliver WOW to our customers and businesses.

What professional backgrounds do you usually see from candidates when reviewing R&C applications?

Anna: Whether you’re coming from a global, well-established financial institution, or a small fast-growing fintech, what matters is your approach. Are you ambitious to shoot for the moon in everything you do? Are you willing to constantly push the envelope and never settle?

Pilar: We mainly see candidates from the Big Four, other banks, and financial institutions. Professionals coming from these industries bring different perspectives on embedding controls, with backgrounds in risk management, compliance, or financial crime, meaning their experience is very valuable to us!

What would you say is the value of working at Revolut for those professionals who might be more risk averse?

Anna: It's an opportunity to be a part of a company that is a real disruptor in the industry, setting new standards. What I often hear from candidates working in a more traditional financial institution is that they are lacking the ability to make a real impact. At Revolut, you can really change the way we work and get an opportunity to grow.

Company culture is an important aspect of life at Revolut. How would you say our culture is different from what a candidate might be used to?

Pilar: At Revolut, you won’t have a typical 9 to 5 job. We love to give employees the opportunity to decide their own hours, which leads to a positive work-life balance. Whether you go to the gym in the middle of the day, pick up your children from school, or take your pet for a walk, you have the flexibility to outline a schedule that works for you.

Anna: What I value is that Revolut is full of driven, motivated individuals who share common values. It’s a fast-paced environment where we set challenging goals and celebrate our successes.

What advice do you have for a candidate looking to make a strong impression during an interview and be successful in a new role with the R&C Team?

Anna: Think about WHY Revolut would be a good next step in your career, what motivates you to join, and what you´re looking for in the new role and company. Remember that the interview process is a partnership conversation — it's also for you to find out more and ask questions, so feel free to ask them!

Pilar: Be transparent and let us know about what you’re currently doing in your job, what decisions have led you there, and what you’re looking for in regards to your career.

We have 5 essential values that propel everything we do:

By personifying these values and allowing them to shine through your work, you’re sure to find success at Revolut!

Beyond the hiring process, how does Revolut value employee growth and development in their future career path?

Pilar: The opportunities within Revolut are countless. We recruit the best talent and give them the opportunities to grow, improve, and become the best version of themselves. Every week you’ll have meetings with your manager where you can assess where you’d like to be both short and long term and define a strategic plan to get there.

Revolut also offers different programs to help you develop different skills that will drive you to other areas within the company. For instance, we have the SPIRES program, where successful candidates will receive individual training and mentorship to build new skills in the data and tech fields.

Anna: At Revolut, it’s not about your years of experience or tenure in the company, it's about YOU — your ideas, initiatives, and the impact you can make. If you know what you want to achieve, strive for success, and are persistent and driven, our managers will guide you and develop your skills. So, if you join the rocket ship, there’s no telling how far you’ll go!

At Revolut, our commitment to hiring exceptional talent for R&C roles goes beyond conventional norms. It’s about finding candidates who not only bring the necessary skills and experience, but also share the same passion and values that drive our success. Join us in shaping the future of financial services while experiencing a dynamic, supportive, and flexible work environment.

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