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Revolut · 29 August 2019Marsel Nikaj

“The lungs of the world are in flames”. That’s the message on the front page of The Rainforest Alliance’s website right now, and it’s no exaggeration. The rainforests are an indispensable part of our planet’s ecosystem, helping to regulate carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, and releasing oxygen.

The recent fires — which have destroyed huge parts of the Brazilian Amazon— affect all of us, and while it can be difficult for many to connect to the devastation on a personal level, taking action to help is simple.

Donate through Revolut

We’ve teamed up with WWF and The Rainforest Alliance, to make it easy for you to help. Using our Donations feature, you can donate any amount — via one-off payment, recurring payment, or spare change round-up — to help fund the crucial work being done by these charities.

Your money will go towards helping these charities battle devastation on the ground, as well as in the halls of governments worldwide. Both WWF and The Rainforest Alliance are committed to working with governments, local communities, other charities, and businesses, to prevent further damage to our rainforests.

But halting rainforest destruction is only the start. We must make a concerted effort to reverse the trend, and that change starts with you.

Ways to donate

All donations to The Rainforest Alliance made through Revolut will be directed towards efforts in the Amazon. For the next seven days, all donations to WWF through Revolut Donations will be treated likewise.

There are three ways to donate:

  1. Set up a recurring donation for any amount (daily, weekly, or monthly)
  2. Make a one-off donation of any amount
  3. Round up your spare change from Revolut purchases, and donate the difference

How WWF and The Rainforest Alliance use your money

The role of organisations such as WWF and The Rainforest Alliance goes beyond raising awareness of key issues. When you donate, you’ll be helping to fund important work, including:

  • Supporting local and indigenous community needs for medical assistance, firefighter training and security
  • Working with governments on better regulations to protect rainforests from deforestation and other forms of damage
  • Partnering with businesses to find more sustainable ways of working, which don’t involve destroying vast areas of rainforest

Over to you…

The Amazon rainforest is not just an area of outstanding beauty; it’s a key component in the health of our planet, our own health, and that of generations to come. What has happened there is a disaster, and we must all do what we can to help fix it.

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