Discover Revolut 9.0, our sleekest version yet! 🤩

12 April 2023Kirsty Daniel · Daniela Carvalho

Our latest app update is our best version yet – with a little twist to make it more ‘you’. Customisable, fresh, and clean – here’s Revolut 9.0. Everything’s faster, smoother, and easier to find, like it should be.

Make sure you’re using the newest app version 9.0, to access all these new features! You’ll get a customisable Home screen with the shortcuts that do the most for you, plus Joint Accounts (EEA only) and group chats to share money a new way.

A Home screen for every need

Mix and match your most-used features, like analytics, top contacts, and more to create your own shortcuts with our customisable widgets. For tips on how to customise, visit Learn for our step-by-step guide!

Share life, with Joint Accounts

We’ve launched Joint Accounts! Finally, you can send, split, and spend with whoever you do life with – whether it’s your partner, your parent, or a pal, Joint Accounts are for every type of duo living in the same country.

Joint accounts are available in EEA only

Chat, split, and settle bills with group chats!

Make your shared expenses smoother to settle up. It’s not too late to ask Jim to pay you back for that dinner (in 2019) or to plan Katie’s birthday present (maybe don’t add Jim). Just share the amount in the chat, split the cost and settle up right there!

Group chats are available to all customers globally

This brand-new, do-it-all version can take your money management to a new level.

Here’s how to do it:

📱 Go to your app store

⚡️ Make sure you’re updating to the latest version, 9.0

📲 Head back to your app and find all the new features on your Home screen and in your Hub!

Now it’s time to unlock it all, with Revolut 9.0!

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