Revoluter Diaries: A week in London, UK with our Core Payments Operations Manager

People · 29 April 2021

Welcome to our Revoluter Diaries series, where we give you an exclusive peek into the lives of our Revoluters across the globe. Who are they? What do they do? What goes into reinventing how the world does money?

Today, we have Si Jia Wen, our Core Payments Operations Manager living in London.


  • 8am - I like to start my day with a good book. I’m currently reading Principles by Ray Dalio 📚
  • 9am - We start everyday with team stand-ups. I give updates on key business metrics, overall product performance and highlight notable trends for deeper analysis.
  • 2pm - Build an analytics dashboard to track the performance of another CRM campaign from last week  📈
  • 5pm - Speak with the Business Intelligence team. Input the categorisation of remittance types for transfers into our database 💰
  • 7pm - I’m a mentor for a tech fellowship program that helps youngprofessionals break into tech. We have a meeting to debrief a problem-solving case.

Today’s highlight
Filming a ‘Day In My Life’ video for Revolut Insider. Watch this space! 👀


  • 8am - Stay up to date with tech news from TechCrunch and MIT Technology Review 👩🏻‍💻
  • 9am - Discuss our biggest blockers and brainstorm solutions. Let’s #GetItDone!
  • 10am - Draft copy for new FAQs and web pages.
  • 2pm - Meet with a backend engineer to make sure our new referral promotion campaign runs smoothly 🤑
  • 3pm - Idea run-through with a designer for an upcoming performance marketing campaign.
  • 4pm - Check in with a product lawyer for said campaign. Align on any regulatory concerns.
  • 8pm - Minted my first NFT artwork. Find me on ShowTime.

Today’s highlight
Virtual dinner with my work friends 🍽


  • 8am - Morning run 🏃🏻‍♀️
  • 9am - Walk through our product roadmap and give updates.
  • 10am - Weekly 1-on-1 with my manager. I share my current tasks and flag blockers. We reprioritise some of my work.
  • 1pm - Craft a go-to-market strategy. This will serve as a framework for future remittance corridor launches. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement this summer! ⛱
  • 7pm - Meet the marketing managers based in Singapore. We discuss how we can promote remittances in our regional markets. Singapore is a huge opportunity for us due to the number of expats and migrant workers living there 🇸🇬
  • 8pm - Make some fun TikTok videos 🦄


  • 8am - Brown sugar oat shaken espresso for breakfast. Yum 😋
  • 9am - Daily updates.
  • 10am - Designer meeting. We finalise the look and feel of our new web pages.
  • 12pm - Update forecast for remittance revenues, active users and transaction volume.
  • 6pm - Continue with forecasting and modelling payment scheme volumes across all of Revolut’s legal entities. This will help us assess risk to capital and liquidity for the next several years.
  • 8pm - Back to school. I’m taking an online seminar that discusses ethics in technology and public policy 📝

Today’s highlight
Winning an instant camera in an office giveaway 😍


  • 9am - Daily updates and catch up on our plans for the weekend. I’m excited to check out the cherry blossoms 🌸
  • 10am - Customer support ticket crush. We stay close to our customers by reading about feedback online and investigating customer support queries 👂🏼
  • 12pm - Coordinate with our communications manager to post user testimonials on @revolutapp. This time, it’s all about customers who love using Revolut to send money to their family and friends abroad 🥰
  • 2pm - Tie up loose ends on some tasks I’ve been working on this week.
  • 6pm - Jira party for one. I update the status of my various work streams, marking those completed as done and prioritising outstanding tickets for next week.

Today’s highlight
Reading this customer’s testimonial! 😂

How did a week in Si Jia's shoes look? You could find out for yourself with a career at Revolut. Discover opportunities on our Careers page.

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