Behind the Scenes: Reaching one million Polish customers

People · 4 June 2020Katarzyna Dyrcz

Karol Sadaj joined Revolut in February 2018 with a hunch that Revolut could be a huge hit in Poland. He had faith that the tech-savvy Poles, open to innovation, would embrace all that Revolut had to offer. His intuition paid off: Poland went from 40k customers in 2018, to one million in 2020. Country Manager for Poland, Karol, credits the team he’s built over the last two years as a major contributor to Revolut’s achievement as one of Revolut’s top European markets.

From the day he made his first Revolut transaction, Karol knew that this app would be a major disruptor in the financial industry. With roles at Uber and Google already under his belt, he was hungry for a new challenge. “It wasn’t easy in the beginning,” he smiles, “especially when my family and friends started asking if this meant I was leaving an established job in a major tech company to go sell cards.” Even if they couldn’t understand his decision, Karol followed his instincts to join the young start-up.

In the beginning, he was one of the first on the ground in Poland, at the start of an intense roller coaster. Through playing different roles and juggling a multitude of tasks, Karol had the determination to ride it out. He took an active role in promoting Revolut, taking on media appearances to raise the app’s profile, as well as continuing his marketing initiatives. These efforts, as well as word-of-mouth, helped Revolut spread like wildfire, leading to the million-customer mark earlier this year.

His passionate and dedicated attitude is shared by many fellow Revoluters, and is one of the things Karol appreciates most about them. He channels his energy and hunger into ensuring that the system is responding to the truest customer needs, solving everyday problems for them with Revolut. This is something he looks for when building his team, describing it as an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’. Just like a founder, these people can balance the mission and company wellbeing against the drive to make the impossible a reality. “I was looking for experienced professionals, real team players who embody our core value Never Settle.”

Karol understands that the company has matured and evolved over the last two years, but he insists whether customer-facing or internally “our DNA doesn’t change.” Looking out, he puts emphasis on adapting and finding new ways to attract new customers: “Market tricks and tactics that worked yesterday may not work today.” As for his team, he believes patience is the most important quality we can have for our new joiners: “even if they don’t know how things were done in the past, this can be an opportunity to hear great, fresh ideas on how to improve our offering and processes.”

If you’re interested in joining Revolut to build the next million-customer market, why don’t you take a look at our Careers page and explore job opportunities?

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