Avoid money spats with the new Group Bills chat

5 May 2023Jessica Persson

Organising a group holiday with your friends, or a dinner with your family? Or do you need an easy way to sort household expenses with your flatmates?

Group Bills is the ideal place to split and settle costs without hassle. Now we’ve added Group Chats to make it even easier! You can track, split, discuss, and settle your bills — all in one place.

Reach your squad in a heartbeat

Stay in touch with your group at all times. Did you pick up the tab on your friend’s birthday? Or did you book an awesome villa that you can all stay in on your holiday? Share the amount in the chat. If a few of you are pitching in, you can split the cost and settle up right there!

Track your shared expenses, effortlessly

Skip the frustration of tallying up paper receipts to figure out who paid for what. Just check your expense history with your group directly in the chat to avoid any confusion or drama. Wondering who still needs to chip in? You can check that in the chat, too.

Settle up with zero awkwardness

Did someone forget to pay their share, but you feel weird about bringing it up? Group message a friendly reminder to your people, and add a fun GIF to diffuse any tension. Just chat about it, settle it, and forget it! Who said money management couldn’t be light-hearted?

Ready to start splitting costs like a boss? Try out Group Chats today!

Group Chats is available globally.

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