5 tips to make Revolut Sales recruiters love your CV

People · 13 December 2022Karolina Gruszczyk

In a market where there are around 15,000 potential sales candidates in the UK alone*, it can be overwhelming trying to stand out. A strong sales CV should attract instant attention, be scannable, and engage your audience quickly. Here’s a few things we love at Revolut:

Brush up your pitch

As a salesperson, you can understand the importance of a good introduction. Put together a summary of your skills, your goals, and align your attributes with the role you’re applying for. This doesn’t need to be too long, just enough to give an initial impression and make the hiring manager or recruiter want to read on.

Be data-driven

Sales roles lend themselves well to performance metrics so take advantage of this and provide highlights of each of your roles. We want to see concrete evidence of your abilities. Percentage of target achieved, clients acquired, revenue generated and/or portfolio value are just a few potential metrics that are eye-catching and scannable for recruiters and hiring managers.

Don’t be afraid of the humble brag

Whether you were the top salesperson of the year, or generated the most revenue in a period of time, now’s the time to say so. Mention career wins, accolades, achievements - a good track record is invaluable to us.

Make it clear

It sounds obvious, but a clear format with structured headings makes a CV much more digestible for our recruiters who are reviewing hundreds of resumes on a weekly basis. On average, a recruiter will look at a CV for 6-8 seconds, so make your CV as easy to read as possible.

Be authentic

Show us what you’re truly about. Depending on your level of experience, this may or may not be relevant, but if you’re earlier on in your career, it would be great to see some of your interests whether it’s a particular sport, hobby or activity you enjoy – these can be great indicators of your personality and the kind of person you are.

Whether you're a fresh grad or seasoned professional, your CV needs to highlight your achievements, goals and track record. Sales is competitive and getting a foot in the door is no different.

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Author: Stephanie Ewin, Recruitment Lead for Sales at Revolut

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