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26 August 2022Katharine Yacovone

With the rising cost of living, we at Revolut understand that individuals are seeking new ways to manage their money. Rather than leaving the power with the few, we want to help the many. We hope to empower and help people access financial opportunities that may have previously felt out of reach. So we’re inviting you into a club that’s open to all.

As we celebrate reaching over five million retail customers in the UK, we’re launching Your Way In, a campaign to show you how you can break into previously closed-off worlds of money.

We are so excited to introduce our biggest campaign yet. Our aim is to challenge stereotypes in finance and promote financial empowerment for all. As we hit five million UK customers, our aim is to continuously reinvent the world of finance. Revolut is smashing through those barriers to unlock a world of money that many people may have thought was out of reach. And we’re giving people the confidence to make the most of it.

Our ad takes viewers on an action-packed journey across the world to explore the freedom of money without boundaries or borders. From a travelling backpacker journeying through several countries to pay for food and drink on the go, to a teenage boy gliding down a street for his first beard trim, this advert shows how Revolut helps every person take control of their money. The app offers easy global transfers alongside payments between friends, and everthing in-between when it comes to money. These visuals celebrate the freedom, power, and visibility that Revolut offers customers.

While we advocate democratising access to the crypto-economy, cryptocurrencies are not regulated or protected by investor compensation schemes. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and trading may be subject to tax, so they are not appropriate for everyone.

It’s our goal to help people overcome common barriers of money access and management. Our out-of-home marketing shows the opposite of the ‘elite, powerful stereotype’ and instead puts the spotlight on a diverse range of people empowering themselves and their finances.

Quentin Luce, Revolut’s Global Head of Integrated Media, said, “We’re delighted to share a campaign that challenges money stereotypes. The most rewarding opportunities in money have not been available to most of us. They’ve been too expensive, too complicated, or too difficult for us all to access. Revolut changes all of that. Revolut is one simple app that unlocks a world of money that most people never thought possible, and gives people the confidence to make the most of it.

“As we celebrate reaching five million customers in the UK, we want to empower more people to do things they haven’t been able to before, and invite them into a club that’s open to all.”


Header image disclaimer reads: Revolut Ltd is authorised by the FCA to issue electronic money and provide payment services under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011.

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