International transfers with Revolut 🌍

Revolut · 2022年9月22日TEAM REVOLUT JAPAN

International transfers can be a headache, so we’re here to make things easy for you.
Did you know, with Revolut, you can make international and domestic transfers?

But why should I use it?

We’re glad you asked. If you use Revolut for your international transfers, you don’t need to wait in long lines at the bank (we all know the struggle). And say goodbye to expensive fees; those days are gone. We won’t charge you any, fees for international transfers*!

*Depending on the currency or country you’re sending to, an intermediary bank might be involved and charge a fee. Please note, it’s possible the amount the recipient gets might be less than the original amount. Check out FAQ for more info.

Transferable funds ⚠️
Please note, depending on how your money was charged, you may not be able to transfer your money
 ✅ Only money added via debit card or account transfers are transferable
 ❌ Money added via credit card and prepaid card are unable to transfer out
 ❌ Transfers greater than 1M Yen

How to make international transfers

1. Open the Revolut app and tap ‘⇄ Transfer’, below the account balance

2. Tap ‘Send international’ and select the beneficiary country

3. Enter the amount, and tap ‘Continue’

4. Enter the beneficiary information, tap ‘Add recipient’

5. Confirm the beneficiary and amount, then tap ‘Send’

Other useful things 💡

Sending non-default currencies of the receiving country
On the tab where you enter the sending amount, you can see the currency of the receiving country. But, if you want to send in another currency, just tap on its icon, and you can easily change it.

✅ Exchange and remittance at once
>> When you don’t have enough balance in the currency for your remittance, you can automatically exchange and send it to the receiver, in-app.  For example, if you want to send USD to your US bank account, but you only have JPY in your account, we’ll convert it and send it for you. On the tab where you enter the sending amount, tap on ‘Balance’,  below the currency to change the currency to JPY. This will prevent you from exchanging before your money is transferred.