Our disposable virtual cards provide additional online shopping security 💳

Revolut · 2022年10月5日TEAM REVOLUT JAPAN

Disposal virtual cards

Revolut offers both virtual and disposal virtual cards. With disposal virtual cards, your card information is automatically generated for each transaction, and renewed after use, further increasing the security of online transactions.

When browsing an online shopping site that you don’t normally use (e.g., an overseas site), you may be concerned about whether the store is trustworthy. In that case, you can use a disposable virtual card to keep your actual details safe.

Plus, if you need a refund for something you’ve purchased, you can still receive one if you’ve paid with a disposable card.

How to get a disposal virtual card 💳

  1. Go to ‘Card’ tab and tap ‘+Get card’
  2. Select ‘Virtual debit card’
  3. Select ‘Single-use virtual card’ and issue.
    After issuing, you can label the card from ‘Settings’
  4. Tap the ‘Show details’ icon.
    Enter your passcode or use face ID to unlock, then the card number, expiry date and CVV will appear
  5. Use this card information for the online transaction.
    If you tap the card number, it will be copied to your clipboard, preventing any number mistypes
  6. The card number is automatically destroyed after each use.  For fraud prevention purposes, you can make up to five payments per day using disposable cards

Payments you can’t use disposal virtual cards for

Because the card information is renewed after use, you can’t use it for recurring payments (e.g. subscription), deposits (e.g. rent-a-car) or payments that require pre-authorisation (e.g. hotel)