Common verification issues, and how to solve them

How to · July 2, 2024TEAM REVOLUT JAPAN


We pride ourselves on delivering a seamless sign-up process. Unfortunately, there are times when we’re unable to verify your documents.

There are a few reasons why this might happen. In this blog, we’ll share the most common causes of verification failure, and how you can solve them.

Please make sure you follow these instructions on your next verification attempt. However, if you’re still not having any luck, please contact our Customer Support team via our in-app chat.

Why couldn't my identity be verified?

1. The images on the document were too blurry

Solution: make sure that all details are clearly visible and readable before re-submitting the picture. We recommend taking pictures of your documents on a flat surface in a well-lit place. Holding the documents may distort the photo and make them unreadable.

2. The images on the document  were unreadable, due to glare, or  other items obstructing the details

Solution: please try again, making sure sunlight and other light don't shine directly on the documents, and make sure that your photo is free from glare. Make sure the crucial details (date of birth, name, surname, address, document number, My Number¹) are visible and readable.

¹If you submit your My Number card at the time of identity verification, we will obtain your My Number at the same time in order to meet the requirements stipulated in the regulation. Please check the FAQ for details.

3. The selfie was too blurry, or your face was obstructed

Solution: make sure the image is clear, your face is visible (not being obstructed by hands, face mask, hats, etc.), and you're taking the selfie by yourself (it shouldn't be taken by another person).

4. Expired document

Solution: try again with a valid document (i.e. not expired, not invalidated upon leaving the country, etc.).

5. Damaged document

Solution: try again with a new document. Make sure it's not scratched (all details are fully readable) or missing parts (chipped edge, missing chip, etc.).

6. Incorrect document declared

Solution: make sure you choose the correct nationality and the correct document type. For example, if you're a foreign national, answer “No” to the question “Are you a Japanese National?” and choose your document type accordingly (“Residence Permit” is the Zairyū Card 在留カード, and “Special Permanent Resident Certificate” is the Tokubetsu Eijūsha Shōmeisho 特別永住者証明書).

7. Duplicated account

Solution: in rare cases, it may appear that you have two Revolut accounts (this includes accounts that you opened in other Revolut entities outside of Japan). Unfortunately, as per our T&Cs, Revolut Japan offers only one account per person. Please close one of the accounts or contact our Customer Support for assistance.

8. Data mismatch

Solution: the data on the document and the data provided during in-app verification must match. If you've made a typo, provided an outdated ID, or misrepresented the information such as date of birth, address, or name, please contact our Customer Support for help via chat.

9. Foreign phone number

Solution: currently, customers with a foreign phone number aren't able to open a Japanese Revolut account. If you've registered with a foreign phone number for your Japanese Revolut account in the past and are experiencing a verification issue, please contact Customer Support via chat to clarify your current residency situation.

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