Our Culture

We believe that any success at Revolut comes from two things: our people and our culture. We believe that brilliant people operating in a great culture will produce the best outcome.

Never Settle

We constantly push, rethink, and rework to get 10x further from where we are now. We aren’t afraid to be ambitious — and we’re always looking for the next big thing.

Hear what Never Settle means to us
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    Shoot for the moon

    Relentlessly push to become number one in the world. Look for ways to disrupt, scale, reinvent. Come up with ideas that are new, better and unique. Be creative — reiterate, simplify, move beyond the traditional way. Connect the dots from different areas, industries, and products. Vigorously set ambitious, bold, and rational goals to guide your way.

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    Push the envelope

    Constantly change your lens. Challenge solutions from all angles to deliver the best. Run toward critique to advance it even further. Recognise and celebrate those who challenge the status quo for the better. Pull at every thread. Don’t just meet the ask, go above and beyond when solving a problem and never leave loose ends.

  3. 3

    Jump in with both feet

    Enjoy the challenge, celebrate achievements, and have fun. Show initiative, inspire others. Enjoy taking on stretch assignments even if they’re outside of your core responsibilities. Share optimism and confidence. Remain positive and energised when facing adversity.

Dream Team

We believe the key to winning is building diverse, lean teams of brilliant go-getters who break down barriers.

Hear what Dream Team means to us
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    Ship, shipmates, self

    Work together — it’s the only way the company can move forward. Forge a shared vision. Support each other individually and professionally, across teams and departments. Even if it’s not in your KPIs or goals. Be inclusive, approachable and interested in your colleagues’ work, especially if they need your help or expertise.

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    Be radically honest, direct, and respectful

    Feedback should be necessary, clear, direct, and professional. Always say what needs to be said. Build on the feedback you receive. Step up, speak up, encourage other Revoluters to do the same. Be respectful at all times. Find the best tone of voice, time, and situation to provide feedback.

  3. 3

    Never compromise on talent

    Make hiring decisions thoughtfully. Take the time to find the perfect fit. The quality and diversity of our talent defines our successes. Provide mentoring, coaching, opportunities, and support to help your team thrive. Award the best. Act on underperformance promptly. Monitor it, sort it, and remedy it.

  4. 4

    Lead by doing

    Roll up your sleeves and get into the weeds of the work. Get to know the nitty-gritty, ins-and-outs of your team to help guide everyone to success. Enable others to achieve their goals — celebrate when they’ve done well and give credit where credit is due. Accept responsibility when things go wrong. Work quickly to make things right.

Think Deeper

We believe logic, reason, and common sense prevail over everything else in decision-making. We dive deep until we get to atoms. If we don't know something – we bet, collect the data, and reiterate.

Hear what Think Deeper means to us
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    Start with “WHY?”

    Think before executing — articulate your problem, probe into it. Is it a real problem? Challenge others to do the same. Seek data to support decision-making, if data is not available be transparent that you’re making an instinctual recommendation. Dive deep to the root cause. Solve from the first principles. Question experience, data and assumptions. Always ask: “Is that true?” and “why?”. Constantly challenge your analysis, sense check, look from every angle and be prepared to revisit the proposed solution or initial problem.

  2. 2

    Never lose ‘North’

    Always think beyond the task at hand, keep the bigger picture in mind. Think several steps ahead. (e.g. Will our solution create more problems? What will the next problem be once we solve this one?). Look for ways to create scalable frameworks and tools to increase the impact. Avoid ‘analysis paralysis’ so that we move toward solutions. Focus on the outcome and continue checking your compass along the way (i.e. Are we still going in the right direction?). If not, take courage to start from scratch.

  3. 3

    Be open minded – listen, probe, adjust

    Invite criticism and alternative views to tackle problems better. Constantly challenge assumptions in your thinking. Do not follow any previously agreed upon approach blindly. Take turns speaking and listening. Consider all feedback regardless of the person's title. There is no place for politics in Revolut. Think through your recommendation, don’t say “yes” or “no” too quickly.

Get it Done

We believe that ideas are great, but execution is everything. That’s why respect at Revolut comes from sweat and stretch.

Hear what Get it Done means to us
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    Commit and execute

    Bring a can-do attitude at all times. Keep calm when facing challenging work. Unblock roadblocks. Break walls. Persevere until the project is finished. Completion is a must. And then iterate. Deliver on commitments, instil trust in your go-getter attitude.

  2. 2

    Act like an owner

    Own your work and the tasks required end-to-end. Look for answers and solutions, not excuses. Assume full responsibility and accountability beyond your role or over expectations. Don’t wait for guidance, self-direct. It is never “someone else’s job or problem”.

Deliver Wow

We believe that everything we do should solve our customers’ needs. To create awe and inspire, we pay attention to every single detail.

Hear what Deliver Wow means to us
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    Put customers first

    Put yourself in the shoes of the customer (external or internal) and understand how they are using the product or process, be curious. Focus on, and think through every single detail. Don’t ship anything unless it’s ready, fully-baked, tested, and reviewed.

  2. 2

    Keep it simple

    Simplify everything – minimise any friction for the customer. Save time for your customers, your manager, and your stakeholders. Make decisions on what to build and what to kill. Use language everyone can easily understand. Extract the essence. Lead with the most important information. Bottom line up front.