Consumer spending up 4% in Ireland this St. Patrick’s Day

Corporate · 27 March 2024

  • Total spending up nearly 4% YoY versus 2023 celebrations, as more than 5.25 million transactions were made via Revolut in Ireland this St. Patrick’s Day weekend (16-18th).
  • Revolut now has 2.7 million customers in Ireland compared with 2.3 million last St. Patrick’s Day weekend (17-19th), meaning it has gained over 400,000 new customers.
  • Nearly 1 million (936,615) more Revolut card payments were made on St. Patrick’s Day weekend 2024 than the celebrations of 2023 — an unweighted difference of 21.5%.

Revolut, the global financial app with more than 40 million customers worldwide, and now over 2.7 million in Ireland, has crunched the numbers on Irish consumer spending over St. Patrick’s Day weekend and revealed that spending via Revolut rose by 4% YoY versus 2023 with over 5.25 million card payments made over March 16-18th.

Since last St. Patrick’s Day weekend (March 17-19th), more than 400,000 customers have joined Revolut from across Ireland, meaning over 2.7 million Irish people trust Revolut as their bank, with the financial app the best solution for the public to manage their finances everyday.

Revolut is recognised as the very best in Ireland with financial comparison site recently naming Revolut 'Ireland’s Best Consumer Business' and 'provider of the Best Current Account'.

With figures adjusted for user growth when comparing YoY versus 2023, spending in bars, cafes, night clubs, and restaurants fell by a collective 6.75% (YoY decrease) on a weekend that saw Ireland’s rugby side clinch the Six Nations Championship but not the Grand Slam.

However, Irish consumers were still very much out and about over the weekend with spending on commuter transport (13.66% YoY increase) and taxis (7.49% YoY increase) rising considerably from 2023.

Whilst fewer spenders were heading to bars and restaurants, many hit the shops instead. Spending in men’s and women’s clothing stores rose 2.5% (YoY increase), with department store spend rising a substantial 11.7% (YoY increase).

Meanwhile, some Revolut customers chose to spend their bank holiday differently, opting for a night in. Demand for fast food rose 5.7% (YoY increase) while spending on meal delivery shot up by 6.5% (YoY increase).

For others, an increase in family get-togethers coupled with inflation might explain the steady rise in grocery store and supermarket spending (5.33% YoY increase), while spending on beer, wine, and liquor was at a rate similar to that of St Patrick’s Day 2023, with the amount customers spent on alcohol rising just 0.88% (YoY increase).

Nearly 1 million (936,615) more Revolut card payments were made on St. Patrick’s Day weekend 2024 than the celebrations of 2023 — an unweighted difference of 21.5%, highlighting the financial app’s continued growth in Ireland.

Maurice Murphy, General Manager at Revolut Bank UAB - Ireland Branch, commented:“It’s brilliant to see that a bumper St. Patrick’s Day weekend saw an increase in consumer spending from our customers all across Ireland. Our growth in this country is signified by the whopping 5 million card payments we recorded over the recent bank holiday weekend and illustrates that we remain Irish people’s preferred way to manage their money on a daily basis. We plan to add even more new and innovative products to our offering later this year across savings, credit, and more, as we continue growing our existing customer base. Since introducing local IBANs in Ireland, an increasing number of our Irish customers trust Revolut as their primary bank account, which is proven by our recent wins at the awards.”

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