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The Workplace Depot controls their currencies

💼 Industry: industrial | 📈 Stage: enterprise |📍 Headquarters: United Kingdom ✅ Saved about £30,000 on currency exchange in 6 months ✅ Streamlined international payments for fast transactions

Supplying workplaces worldwide

The Workplace Depot is a well-established, family-run business offering over 20,000 industrial and workplace products.

As they operated in multiple countries outside the UK — working with global customers such as Accenture, BMW, and Bang & Olufsen — The Workplace Depot found it challenging to manage global transactions across different currencies.

Traditional methods for international transfers posed significant hurdles. Long processing times and hazardous delays hurt their cash flow management. The company needed a fresh solution.


Great global transfers

The Workplace Depot turned to Revolut Business for a cost-efficient way to manage multiple currencies, handle currency exchange, and make global payments.  

They could keep, send, and receive EUR in the same place they manage GBP, keeping all the currencies they needed on hand — or just 1 click away. And they cut currency costs with the interbank rate¹ built into every exchange. Transfers were processed faster than ever, while it was easy to track transactions as they happened.

¹ Within allowance, during market hours.

Saving on currency exchange

Adopting Revolut Business helped The Workplace Depot juggle multiple currencies with ease — increasing efficiency and speed. But they also saw substantial savings — around £5,000 per month compared to high street bank rates. After using Revolut Business for just 6 months, they'd saved £30,000 in currency exchange fees.

With less money getting lost in the process, The Workplace Depot overcame the hurdles of global business to sustain a strong cash flow.

Rishi Lakhani, Director, Financial Controller • The Workplace Depot“Revolut's flat monthly fee for exchange rates saves us thousands monthly compared to high street banks. It's simplified our budgeting and freed up valuable time"

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