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Business banking · 16 March 2023Katharine Yacovone

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💼 Industry: Retail manufacturer, e-commerce
📈 Stage: Scale-up, 45+ employees
📍 Headquarters: Spain
💳 Product used: Payments

Since 2018, Tropicfeel has been working to reduce the impact of travel and tourism on the environment. The digitally native vertical brand designs and develops travel gear that's versatile, functional, and, most importantly, sustainable and responsibly sourced.

Tropicfeel kicked off as a global brand right from the start, dealing with customers and manufacturers worldwide. CEO and Co-Founder, Alberto Espinos, understands the importance of building strong relationships with suppliers to pull together final products and keep up with customer demand. But how does Tropicfeel manage to do this? It carries out speedy international payments using Revolut Business.

Challenge: What were their growing pains?  

Working as an e-commerce brand aligned with the travel industry, it makes sense that Tropicfeel became instantly global. Not only has the company faced 80% year to year growth since its beginning, but it’s also shipping products to customers in 140+ countries, and dealing with responsibly-sourced manufacturers worldwide.

Being able to build a community around the world is definitely a win for Tropicfeel, but international transactions can be tricky. This is especially true with overseas suppliers, as orders often need to be placed months in advance, which require forward planning and cash flow that supports proactive payments.

Tropicfeel needed to start off strong to sustain their supply chain, build long-term relationships with the right manufacturers, and satisfy customer demand. Plus, the company needed an approach that was both borderless and quickly scalable. Luckily, Espinos adopted Revolut Business right from the start. Let’s see how it’s served their brand.

Solution: How did they fix it?

That’s right, Tropicfeel has been using Revolut Business to make speedy global payments to suppliers since day one. Espinos saw the potential in using a fintech that offered scalability and flexibility that traditional banks don’t.  

Revolut Business’s competitive exchange rates and borderless accounts support payments in 100+ countries and 25+ currencies. And the app makes it easy to exchange and send money quickly, then track the status of outgoing transactions with the in-app payment tracker.

With Revolut Business, the team can settle up with suppliers on time, without worrying about any delay or uncertainty. Not to mention the competitive, low rates help them save money on an integral part of their operations. The financial super app also helps the team manage their cash flow and move money where needed, when needed, to stay on top of supplier expectations.

Results: What did they get out of it?  

Sure, Tropicfeel adopted Revolut Business from the start, so there may not be a before and after the team can compare it with. But our financial app helped them scale quickly. “We were over €4 million when we started using Revolut Business, and right now we’re over €20 million,” says Espinos. Plus, Tropicfeel was able to save money on their international payments using our tools while building strong relationships with their international suppliers.

“When you’re starting out, it’s hard to build relationships and do it in a transparent and fair way. With Revolut Business, you can ensure transparency and speed, you can easily run transactions all around the world. The pricing is also very fair. I’d totally recommend it to other founders, and because it is so easy to get started and cancel your subscription, it is really worth trying out,” say Espinos.

Tropicfeel has always been about building a community that aims to reduce the impact travel can have on the earth. As it establishes trust with suppliers, it can continue to produce responsibly-sourced travel gear to support and spread their message. Revolut Business is proud to help them make this happen.

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