Credit Manager (Policy)

Office: New York · Paris
Remote: France · San Francisco · US

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About the role

The credit department at Revolut is anything but ordinary. They design, develop, and launch credit products across the globe. The team manages our products from day one to the end — developing the back and front-end, the data science infrastructure, and then creating a local setup in each country with scalable risk management and portfolio management solutions. It's a big job, but our people are a credit to us all ✨

As a Credit Manager, you'll be responsible for designing credit risk policies, procedures, and strategies for Revolut’s retail lending products. This is a new-ish feature in our portfolio, and as that book grows you'll be managing validation of the underwriting strategy, as well as leading the charge for preventative and reactive actions to the market and product offering 🚀

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What you’ll be doing

  • Developing account level valuation frameworks to develop underwriting credit policies using NPV framework to optimise portfolio-level economic returns
  • Making data-driven decisions with a special focus on marginal decision-making
  • Managing credit limits, risk-based pricing, retention strategies, over-limit policies, etc.
  • Adjusting risk return requirements and managing/adjusting portfolio returns as new data comes to light
  • Supporting the annual budget, forecast, and planning processes, from assessment of market/industry trends through data gathering and analysis, initiative selection and assessment, preparation of the plan, from concept to delivery
  • Tracking, communicating, and drawing insights from performance of ongoing initiatives, while staying on top of all credit KPIs through intensive monitoring
  • Identifying operational inefficiencies and managing the implementation of small-scale change within the Credit function
  • Ensuring approval and good rating of first line credit risk function from second line, third line, and regulators

What you'll need

  • A proven track record of managing the risk cycle for retail credit products like credit cards, unsecured personal loans, etc.
  • A bachelor's degree from a top university in an quantitative/analytical field, such as engineering, statistics, physics, math, economics, or management
  • A solid understanding of credit policy governance frameworks to work through 2nd/3rd line of defence in a competent manner
  • To deliver excellent results that exceed requirements
  • To be forward-thinking to plan appropriately, meet multiple objectives, and proactively identify/resolve issues
  • A solid understanding of credit and behavioural scoring models, especially for retail credit products
  • The ability to explain complex concepts in a clear, simple manner
  • To understand the value of speed to market and balance between elegant problem-solving and business needs of the hour

Nice to have

  • A master's degree
  • Excellent working knowledge of SQL, R, Python, and/or other data analysis tools
  • A willingness to learn new technology to help business scale

Compensation range

  • New York: $144,000 - $190,000 gross annually*
  • US: $144,000 - $190,000 gross annually*
  • San Francisco: $144,000 - $190,000 gross annually*
  • Other locations: Compensation will be discussed during the interview process

*Final compensation will be determined based on the candidate's qualifications, skills, and previous experience

Building a global financial super app isn’t enough. Our Revoluters are a priority, and that’s why in 2021 we launched our inaugural D&I Framework, designed to help us thrive and grow everyday. We're not just doing this because it's the right thing to do. We’re doing it because we know that seeking out diverse talent and creating an inclusive workplace is the way to create exceptional, innovative products and services for our customers. That’s why we encourage applications from people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to join this multicultural, hard-working team.

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Benefits at Revolut

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  • Financial benefits that show we value your work
  • Medical insurance for you and your close ones
  • Flexibility to work from home, the office or abroad
  • A free Revolut Metal subscription loaded with perks
  • Exciting events year-round so you can get to know your team
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