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Unlock your money’s potential

Say hello to Metal. Make your money work for you with a customizable solid steel card, currency exchange, Vaults, discounted transfers and more


Earn 4.25% annual percentage yield* with Savings Vaults

Start saving with spare change round-ups or recurring transfers. Withdraw instantly, any time, without the fear of commitment or fees, just interest. The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is a variable rate and may change at any time

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*The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is a variable rate and may change at any time. These APYs are accurate as of February 18, 2023. Terms and Conditions Apply *Standard customers can earn up to 3.25%, while Premium and Metal customers can earn up to 4.25% *No minimum amount required

Enjoy stock trading with no commissions*

Explore investing with beautifully built investment tools. Buying and selling U.S. listed stocks and ETFs is accessible for all with Revolut Securities * Other fees may apply
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Our Metal card speaks for itself

Be prepared for admiring glances. The solid reinforced steel Metal card is exclusive to Metal customers

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Exclusive everyday benefits

No withdrawal fees at more than 55,000 ATMs in our network

Banks charge you for ATM withdrawals. With Revolut, you have no withdrawal fees on in-network ATM withdrawals Get up to $1,200/month in withdrawals at out-of-network ATMs with no hidden fees*

*Fair usage fees apply for over $1,200 in withdrawals per month for Metal Plan users (lower limits apply to Standard and Premium plans)

Revolut, built for teens

Set your kids up for financial success with Revolut <18, an app and card designed especially for young people aged 13-17. Open up to Up to 5 <18s account and unlock full access to our famous <18 tools

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Travel savings & protection

Go Metal, get unlimited currency exchange

With a Metal plan, you can exchange an unlimited amount of foreign currency with no fair usage fees (outside FX market hours and/or rare currency fees may apply)*

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Transfer without borders

Make sending money overseas, a breeze. With Metal, you’ll get 40% off fees on all international transfers you send. * View our discounted transfers terms
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Trust Metal to have your back, wherever you are abroad

Enjoy every thrilling adventure knowing you’ve got worldwide emergency medical and dental cover. Delayed flights and baggage insurance keep travel stress to a minimum Our travel insurance is offered by Chubb Group

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Wait in style with SmartDelay

With SmartDelay, we've got your back. If your flight is delayed by more than one hour, we'll send complimentary lounge passes for you and up to 3 friends

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