Parents & Guardians

Revolut, for <18s

Get Revolut <18 account for young people aged 6-17, complete with their own app and spending card

Set your kids up for financial success

Revolut <18 gives them hands on experience so they can get off to a good start. They can earn their allowance, build a budget and save, all in one app!

Give them the right amount of independence

End-to-end security, spending alerts, custom limits and in-app card controls; rest assured they’re in safe hands with Revolut <18

Spending cards they'll love

They get their own contactless Revolut <18 card which can be connected to Apple or Google Pay for easy spending

Unleash their creativity

They can design their Revolut <18 card the way they want. Draw on it, add text, even add emojis. Let them create something as unique as they are. Personalisation fees may apply

All your family finances, sorted

Add a co-parent so you can both be involved, and add your other kids with up to five Revolut <18 accounts included in your plan

Help them smash their savings goals

Saving for college? Or the latest new sneakers? Set goals with them and watch them track their progress in the Revolut <18 app. Savings are kept separate from main balance, so they won’t spend it by accident

Ready to “Revolut me?”

Send and receive money to and from friends on Revolut <18. Add notes and gifs to payments to show off their personality

Don't just take our word for it

Manage money together with Revolut

Get the app
I can use it to send money to family and pocket money to the children. It's brilliant
I would be lost without the ability to give my kids pocket money and being able to monitor their spending
It changes how I manage money in a really positive way. I've added both of my kids to Revolut and that has opened up even more benefits

How does Revolut <18 work?

  1. 1

    Get your teens to download the Revolut <18 app and create an account. If they’re 12 or under, you’ll need to create an account for them from your own Revolut app

  2. 2

    Approve their Revolut <18 account from your Revolut app

  3. 3
    And go!

    Get their Revolut <18 card, personalise it (fees may apply), and add to Apple or Google pay to start spending straight away

Teens aged 13 and above can create an account with parent or guardian approval. If your child is 12 or under, you'll need to create an account for them from your Revolut app. Payments to and from customers on Revolut <18 are only available to teens aged 13+. Revolut <18 is not a savings account and does not earn interest. The terms ‘save’, ‘saving’, and ‘savings’ are used purely in a financial literacy context to describe the action of setting funds aside for future use.