Instant Access Savings

Turn idle cash into interest

Whether it’s your salary payments or spare cash, get from 2% - 3,5% per annum (variable) on your savings, paid daily, and access any time.

What we offer, at a glance

Activate your money’s potential, with benefits like:

  1. Great rates

    Get up to 3.50% p.a. interest in EUR, paid daily, and watch your money grow.

  2. Instant access

    Add or withdraw any time, without incurring any fees.

  3. 3

    Easy ways to save

    Build your savings habit regularly and schedule recurring top-ups. Want to save while you spend? Try spare change round-ups to get the most out of every purchase!

Get interest paid day after day after day

Open an account in seconds, and see your money grow. Every single day.

This gross interest rate is variable, and your returns may vary depending on your plan. Get from 2% to 3,5% per annum (variable) on your money.

Up to

No minimum amounts

When it comes to your money goals, every contribution counts. Enjoy the freedom to add as much or as little as you like, at zero cost.
Add money any time
Recurring transfers
Spare change round-ups

Make money growth your new healthy habit

Easily add and withdraw money, and enjoy features to help you build towards your savings goals. That way, when the ‘big things’ happen, you’ll be ready.

Great rates, whatever your plan

2% interest

Pay no fees for our Standard plan.
View Instant Access Savings T&Cs. Our T&Cs, Deposit Information Sheet, and Deposit Insurance Information apply. The rate is variable and can change in the future. The maximum eligible deposit amount is €100,000