The Ultra experience

Indulge in perks worth £4,000+ in annual benefits* and get a platinum-plated card, all for €600 per year. Paid Plan Terms apply.

The platinum-plated card

When it came to the card, it had to be platinum. Make every payment a little more valuable with this precious metal at your fingertips.

Unparalleled lifestyle benefits

Explore our curated selection of subscriptions to enhance every facet of your life. From news to fitness, Ultra is packed with subscriptions and credits from your favourite brands. Partnerships are subject to regional availability. Please see ones available to your location in-app.

Cancel for any reason

Yep, any reason. That's trains, flights, hotels or events. Get up to €5,000 (subject to excess) back. Insurance T&Cs apply.Join Ultra

Unlimited Lounge Access

Escape the airport crowds with access to 1,400+ airport lounges worldwide. And that includes complimentary food and beverages while you’re there. Airport Lounge T&Cs apply.Join Ultra

You call the stocks

From Apple to Tesla, choose from 2,000+ stocks, and own a piece of some of the most popular companies on the planet. With Ultra, get 10 commission-free trades in stocks or ETFs every month, and our lowest fee of 0.12% (or minimum country-specific fee) per additional trade thereafter. Other fees may apply. Terms and Conditions apply. Capital at risk.Join Ultra

Our highest limits, our lowest fees. Period.

Send money to 150+ countries with no transfer fees charged by us.Join Ultra

Your plan. Our priority

Every day. All night long. Reach us via in-app chat or request a call back. We’re just a tap away (phone support currently provided in English only).

Enter a world of exclusivity with Ultra

Experience our ultimate plan, full of exceptional benefits. See for yourself:

  • The Platinum-plated card

    Exclusive to Ultra customers

  • Priority customer support

    Get in touch with our support team 24/7 via in-app chat or request a call back (Phone support in English only)

  • International transfers

    Save 100% on international transfer fees, no limits

  • ATM withdrawals

    Withdraw up to €2,000 per rolling month, with no withdrawal fees charged by us

  • Everyday protection

    Get peace of mind with our most comprehensive cover on everyday purchases. Insurance T&Cs apply

  • Cashback on card payments

    Up to 0.1% cashback on all your transactions in Europe and the UK, and 1% everywhere else. Capped monthly at the monthly plan price

  • Revolut <18

    Link up to 5 accounts and a co-parent, for family members aged 6-17

  • Revolut Pro

    An account for freelancers, with 1,2% cashback on Pro card payments. Fees apply for acquiring features

Safety first

Advanced fraud protection, rigorous security features, and 24/7 in-app customer support — your safety is our priority.Read more
Secure transactions with two-factor authentication
Secure transactions with two-factor authentication
Trusted by 45+ million customers worldwide
Trusted by 45+ million customers worldwide
Secure transactions with two-factor authentication
Secure transactions with two-factor authentication
Data security with no compromises
Data security with no compromises
Data security with no compromises
Data security with no compromises
Revolut Ultra is a 12-month plan with an option of monthly and annual billing. You'll be able to cancel your plan anytime. However, you may be charged a fee depending on when you cancel your plan. You'll still be able to benefit from the services you get for your subscription until the end of your billing cycle you have paid a subscription for, excluding any break fee. Read more under Fees for downgrading your Paid Plan subscription in our Paid Plan Terms. *The value displayed has been calculated based on the standalone financial value of new Ultra benefits (e.g. included partnerships), added with the value of savings made on charged fees for benefit usage (e.g. reduced remittances fees) in comparison to Standard plan fees. The latter is informed by the average use of each existing benefit by our top 10% of Metal customers during 2022. The overall value can be realised from using each plan benefit throughout a 1 year period. Please see the plan terms for a full plan benefit breakdown. The trip and event cancellation insurance value is for illustration only based on the same customer sample as above, and their average annual spent on flights purchased with Revolut (£1,672.32) and bookings made through Revolut Stays (£1,340.30), equaling to £3,012.62 per year. A cancellation rate of 20.6% based on Revolut Stays data was applied and is the assumed factor for total trip cancellations (incl. flights). Value assumes all submitted claims qualify for 70% reimbursement. Please note this is an illustration only based on no product performance data being available to date. Maximum value will depend on user behaviour and can be derived up to the per claim and annual policy limit. Please refer to Insurance T&Cs for details and claims submission criteria. Value of travel insurance is based on a standalone multi-trip, family travel insurance price provided by our insurance partner and not on usage.