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Waiting’s overrated. Grow your funds with attractive return rates paid daily, and withdraw any time. Capital at risk, the value of investments can go down as well as up. T&Cs apply.

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Kickstart your money growth with Flexible Cash Funds in seconds, and see your money grow, compound, and increase. Return rates vary based on your plan type.

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    APY on GBP

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    APY on EUR

¹The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is presented as of 26/04/2024 and is based on information provided by the fund manager. This is the highest APY offered to Ultra customers and is net of applicable charges. Your returns may be lower depending on your subscription plan and applicable fees. More information on APYs and fees per subscription plan are available in our Compare Plans website and the Ex-ante Costs & Charges Disclosure.

Flexible Cash Funds Invest in Money Market Funds

While all investments involve some uncertainty, the MMFs you can invest in through Flexible Cash Funds are classified as 1 out of 7 in terms of risk — the lowest possible risk indicator, assuming a holding period of six months.
Flexible Cash Funds Invest in Money Market Funds

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Flexible Cash Funds FAQs

  • Flexible Cash Funds offer a strategic approach to maximise your savings in the face of rising living costs. Available to both existing and new customers, Flexible Cash Funds provide complete flexibility, allowing you to top up or withdraw funds at any time (T&Cs apply). Returns are earned and paid daily, although growth is not guaranteed. Flexible Cash Funds invest in short-term and low volatility money market funds. These types of funds invest in a diversified range of high-quality and liquid money market instruments like government securities, bank obligations, commercial paper, and deposits with credit institutions. They serve as an investing opportunity for customers seeking returns in line with money market rates to safeguard their money against inflation with lower expected risk compared to other investments. Historically, these funds were primarily accessible to institutional investors and typically used by corporations and banks to preserve the value of their funds.
  • To add money to Flexible Cash Funds, navigate to the respective Flexible Cash Funds homepage in which you want to add money. On the Flexible Cash Funds homepage: tap '+ Add money' → enter the amount → tap the 'Continue/Add Money' button. Voila! You've added money to Flexible Cash Funds. When you add money to your Flexible Cash Funds, you're making an order to buy shares for an equivalent value in a money market fund of the same currency. There are no opening and closing charges associated with Flexible Cash Funds. However, we do charge a small annual fee to cover our costs of service — we call this the 'service fee'. This fee is paid for the investment service in money market funds that we provide to you, and is an ongoing charge calculated as a percentage of the value of the shares you hold in the money market fund. The service fee is calculated daily and automatically deducted from the daily returns you receive, so the APY you see in the Revolut app is already net of fees.
  • The Flexible Cash Funds currencies we offer (EUR, USD, and GBP) each represent a different money market fund (MMF) in which you invest when adding money. The return rate varies among these different types of Flexible Cash Funds, depending on the performance of the respective MMF. Each fund has different performance and it fluctuates every day, which leads to daily-changing yields that could move in an unfavourable direction. The return rate is expressed in the form of Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The APY indicates how much your money could grow if you held the investment for an entire year and the yield remained constant (which it doesn't, in practice). The APY is updated daily in the app based on the performance of the fund on the previous day, which is provided by the fund manager. The APY is shown net of fees, meaning we deduct from the fund's yield the relevant fees. Fees vary depending on the MMF, your subscription plan, and region. The returns you earn and the fees you pay are calculated on a daily basis by applying the APY to the principal invested in the MMF. You'll only see the returns earned reflected when the net returns amount is more than €0.01 (or respective currency). When you add money to Flexible Cash Funds, you issue a buy order in the respective MMF and you'll start earning returns the day after it reaches the fund manager. If you submit orders before 10am EET on a business day, your money will reach the fund manager on the same day. Otherwise, it will reach the fund manager on the next business day.
  • It's your responsibility to find out whether you need to pay tax on the returns you earn on your Flexible Cash Funds. Whether or not you'll need to pay tax on the returns you earn will depend on a few factors, including how much you earn, and your residency. We won’t process your tax payments proactively and send them to relevant tax authorities. We’ll only withhold/levy taxes if we’re mandated to perform that obligation to comply with relevant laws. We recommend that you seek independent tax advice to understand your obligations to tax authorities. We don't provide tax advice, and nothing in this response should be considered as such advice.
  • Money added to Flexible Cash Funds is invested in short-term Low Volatility Net Asset Value (LVNAV), money market funds (MMFs). These actively managed MMFs invest in high-quality and liquid money market instruments (such as government securities, bank obligations, commercial paper, high-quality securitisation and asset-backed commercial paper, deposits with credit institutions, repurchase agreements, and reverse repurchase agreements). The MMFs you invest in through our Flexible Cash Funds are sub-funds of Fidelity Institutional Liquidity Fund plc, an open-ended umbrella fund authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland -CBI- (registration number: 235175). Specifically, Flexible Cash Funds invest in Class R Flex Distributing shares in one of the following MMFs (matching with the relevant currency): The Euro Fund (ISIN IE000AZVL3K0); The USD Fund (ISIN IE000H9J0QX4); The Sterling Fund (ISIN IE0002RUHW32). The fund manager is FIL Investment Management (Luxembourg) S.A., Ireland Branch, which is authorised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier -CSSF- (registration number CCSF: S00000593; CBI: C137514). Both entities are part of Fidelity group, one of the largest asset managers. For further information on the MMFs of our Flexible Cash Funds, please refer to the fund's Prospectus and the respective Key Information Document (KID) available on Fidelity’s website and in the Revolut app.
See more in our Flexible Cash Funds FAQ and Trading FAQ together with general information under the Flexible Cash Funds Terms and Conditions. Also specific information about fees is available in the MMF Ex-ante Costs & Charges Disclosure and about risks in our Risk Disclosures

Investment services are provided by Revolut Securities Europe UAB. Information contained herein is not a personal recommendation, investment advice or offer to take any investment decision, therefore you must carefully consider your financial situation, review relevant documents and information or seek professional independent advice before entering into financial transactions or subscribing to new investment services. Revolut Securities Europe UAB (company code: 305799582; registered address: Konstitucijos ave. 21B, Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-08130) is a Lithuanian investment firm authorised and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania.