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Exclusive 1% cashback offer

Get 1% cashback on every cashless transaction for your first three months, up to €1,000. After that, enjoy an unlimited 0.1% cashback* on cashless credit card purchases.

Interest-free spending for longer

Enjoy a grace period* of up to 62 days when you repay in full before the next calendar month ends. Benefit from competitive interest rates from 15% when you repay by instalments.

What is the effective APR?

Representative example for Revolut Credit Card

Get a €4,400 credit limit with an annual fixed interest rate of 15% by signing an open-ended contract. Assuming that you use the credit limit for 3 months, the total amount payable will be €4,566.52 Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 16.10%. If you use your credit, the minimum monthly payment will be 5% of the used credit but not less than €5 and accrued interest (if any). There won’t be any monthly payments or any interest if you don’t use the credit. Please note you’ll be subject to a credit check.

*Grace period and cashback are not applied to cash withdrawals, money transfers, and credit card payments for gambling and investments.

Access up to €10,000

Need to book flights for your getaway, or replace a broken home appliance? Our credit cards come with high limits, so you can pay those larger sums when you need to.

Super fast sign-up process

Simply apply for your credit card in-app, and we'll get you an answer in minutes. Plus, you get a virtual card in-app that you can start using instantly.

You're in control

Set a spending limit, view your balance, and schedule automatic repayments in-app. We've got your back with reminders for any upcoming payments.

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