Savings Account: Earn daily interest with Revolut Savings Vaults

Whether you round up your spare change or make a one-off contribution, you'll earn up to 1.35% (AER) annual interest with a Savings Vault.

We pick the best savings interest rates

Most savings interest rates out there are tiny. We work hard to find the best savings rates that put your money to work, without you having to lift a finger.

Easy access to your Savings Account when you need it

No jumping through hoops to access your money. With Savings Vaults, you can deposit and withdraw when you need to, right from the app.

Your money is protected

Your money is deposited with a trusted partner bank and is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme where you are eligible.

Savings Vaults are currently only available in GBP, to customers whose sole tax residency is the UK. New currencies and countries are coming soon. We're always searching for new partners, too, to bring you even better rates.

This feature is restricted to Metal subscribers for now.
Upgrade your subscription to get access to Savings Vaults.

Interest accrues daily but is only paid on business days. Interest earned over weekends and bank holidays will be paid the following business day.

Interest rates may increase or decrease quickly, but we'll always notify you.
For further information please read our Terms & Conditions.