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Euros to Pakistani Rupees

We don't support exchanges in PKR right now, but you can still spend in Pakistan with Revolut

Our current rate€1 = ₨ 296.3130
Additional fees€10.00
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PKR isn't yet one of our 36 supported currencies

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Travelling to Pakistan?

You can still withdraw cash or spend in PKR with your Revolut debit card while you're in Pakistan, even though we don't support exchanges in that currency.

Just choose to pay or withdraw in the local currency, and we'll take the payment from your balance of one of the 36 currencies you can hold in-app.

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Travelling to Pakistan?

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Výmenné kurzy: Euros to Pakistani Rupees

1 EUR296.31 PKR
5 EUR1,481.56 PKR
10 EUR2,963.13 PKR
25 EUR7,407.82 PKR
50 EUR14,815.65 PKR
100 EUR29,631.30 PKR
500 EUR148,156.52 PKR
1,000 EUR296,313.04 PKR
5,000 EUR1,481,565.22 PKR
10,000 EUR2,963,130.44 PKR
50,000 EUR14,815,652.20 PKR
1 PKR0.00 EUR
5 PKR0.01 EUR
10 PKR0.03 EUR
25 PKR0.08 EUR
50 PKR0.16 EUR
100 PKR0.33 EUR
500 PKR1.67 EUR
1,000 PKR3.34 EUR
5,000 PKR16.71 EUR
10,000 PKR33.43 EUR
50,000 PKR167.18 EUR
Any fees and charges relating to your transfer will be visible in the Revolut app before sending your transfer at the moment of sending. Fees and exchange rates reflected in images are a visual representation of fees only for Standard plans, and may not be reflective of current rates at the time of sending or converting. Fees are subject to change, but are always displayed in your Revolut app. Check Personal Fees (Standard) for more information.

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