Enter a world of exclusivity with Ultra

Unlock benefits worth £4,000+ in annual benefits* and get a platinum-plated card for €540 per year.

Ultra fees & T&Cs apply.

Unparalleled lifestyle benefits

The platinum-plated card

We knew Ultra couldn’t be just any metal, it had to be platinum. Enjoy the feel of this precious metal between your fingertips with every purchase

Access to partner benefits

Enjoy free access to the likes of Financial Times Premium, ClassPass, WeWork... We could go on. Some partner subscriptions may not be available in all locations

Your lifestyle levelled up

Earn up to 1% cashback on every transaction with Ultra, capped at the monthly plan price, and get peace of mind with comprehensive cover on everyday purchases (insurance T&Cs apply)

Unveil world-class travel

Complete flexibility

Need to cancel your trip? No problem. Get up to €5000 back on trains, flights, hotels, accommodations and events (insurance T&Cs apply)

Unlimited lounge access

Your Ultra membership acts as an all-access pass to 1400+ airport lounges worldwide. And that includes complimentary food and beverages while you’re there. T&Cs apply

Total travel coverage

Ultra has you covered with flight delays, lost luggage, medical emergencies — even skiing accidents — and more (insurance T&Cs apply)

Unlock wealth potential

Stock trading advantages

Access 10 commission-free stock trades* a month, with a fee of 0.12% of the order amount (or minimum country-specific fee) thereafter. *Other fees may apply. When you invest, your capital is at risk. Trading Terms and Conditions apply. The images displayed are for illustrative purposes only

Exclusive trading fees

Access our lowest fees, just 1.49% (minimum fee € 1), on commodity trades. Compare that to the 1.99% (minimum fee €1) commodity fees on our Standard plan. Not regulated or protected. Value can go down. Tax may be payable.

What are you waiting for?

Experience more with Ultra

Unlock benefits worth £4,000+ in annual benefits* and get a platinum-plated card for €540 per year.

*The value displayed has been calculated based on the standalone financial value of new Ultra benefits (e.g. included partnerships), added with the value of savings made on charged fees for benefit usage (e.g. reduced remittances fees) in comparison to Standard plan fees. The latter is informed by the average use of each existing benefit by our top 10% of Metal customers during 2022. The overall value can be realised from using each plan benefit throughout a 1 year period. Please see the plan terms for a full plan benefit breakdown. The trip and event cancellation insurance value is for illustration only based on the same customer sample as above, and their average annual spent on flights purchased with Revolut (£1,672.32) and bookings made through Revolut Stays (£1,340.30), equaling to £3,012.62 per year. A cancellation rate of 20.6% based on Revolut Stays data was applied and is the assumed factor for total trip cancellations (incl. flights). Value assumes all submitted claims qualify for 70% reimbursement. Please note this is an illustration only based on no product performance data being available to date. Maximum value will depend on user behaviour and can be derived up to the per claim and annual policy limit. Please refer to Insurance T&Cs for details and claims submission criteria. Value of travel insurance is based on a standalone multi-trip, family travel insurance price provided by our insurance partner and not on usage.