Life Challenges & Well-being

At Revolut we care for our customers and their financial health. Our mission is to make financial services fair for all. We are always working on research and development of new features to support the needs of all our customers.


What is bereavement?

Taking care of practical and financial matters can be overwhelming when you’re experiencing grief over the loss of a loved one. Revolut is here to support you at this difficult time.

Financial abuse

What is financial abuse?

Financial abuse is a form of domestic abuse which involves controlling a person's ability to acquire and manage their own money, with the aim to reinforce or create financial instability in relationships. It’s a pattern of threatening and degrading behaviour that restricts a victim’s financial freedom. Financial abuse can take a variety of forms, for example, financial control, exploitation or manipulation. It can also happen in a range of different relationships, whether by intimate partners, family members, friends or carers. Some of the signs which might help you recognise financial abuse include:
  • Being stopped from working and/or getting education
  • Being asked to account for every single thing you spent
  • Being stopped or impeded from accessing your financial account
  • Being controlled on how your spend your income
  • Debt or credit was taken in your name without your knowledge and permission

Know more about financial abuse

UK based charity, Surviving Economic Abuse, published a report on the “The Cost of Covid-19: Economic abuse throughout the pandemic” in 2021. While the report focussed on the impact of Covid-19 and economic abuse in the UK, the themes which are explored and the general discussion points can be applied to a more global audience.


What is Gambling?

Gambling comes in a variety of forms – whether it’s playing a lottery, roulette, gaming machine, using an online casino, or betting on your favourite sports team. Gambling might become a problem when you lose the ability to stop. At this moment, losses can start affecting many aspects of your life including your career, finances and relationships. Some signs indicating that gambling might be out of control include:
  • Spending more than you want on gambling
  • Struggling to find the money for basics
  • Taking out loans to cover gambling debts

Gambling block

If you’re worried about your gambling, you have the ability to turn gambling transactions ‘on’ or ‘off’ easily in-app. This feature allows you to press pause and stay in control. We hope that Gambling Block will help people with gambling problems to self-exclude from gambling spending.

Get the app
  1. 1

    Download the app

    Get started with Revolut on your iOS or Android device

  2. 2

    Go to the Profile tab

    Head to Home screen → Profile at the top left corner of the app (a sign with your profile picture or initials) → scroll to Security → Gambling block

  3. 3

    Get control over gambling spend

    Toggle on/off button to add or remove gambling restriction

  4. 4

    Cooling off period

    Activating the Gambling Block is instant. Please note that it takes 48 hours to be disabled.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Job insecurity, fear of redundancy, debt and financial worries can all cause emotional distress. Feeling low, anxious or stressed is a normal response. Did you know that the UK-based Money and Mental Health Institute revealed that over two thirds (67%) of employees who are struggling financially report at least one sign of poor mental health that could affect their ability to function at work? Some of the signs that your mental health may be struggling might include:
  • Lack of sleep due to money worries
  • Anxiety to check bank statements or account balance
  • Lack of confidence to contact a bank or financial service provider
  • Fear to open bills or check important letters
  • Overspending and feeling guilty after spending
  • Feeling hopeless and unable to manage money

Money worries hub

Sometimes circumstances change and you might start to worry about your money. At this moment it can be tough to acknowledge and admit you have a problem, but we are here to help you.

Budget Planner

Revolut's budget planner is a suite of tools designed to help you stay on top of your finances. Just tell us how much you want to spend each month and we'll work out a daily spending limit that you should stick to in order to meet your goals. Master your money with smart analytics:
  • Track how you spend with automatic categorisation
  • Learn more about our budget planner here

Fraud & Scams

Ad Scams

Unfortunately, fraudsters are always looking for new ways to get access to your account and your money. One common way they try to do this is by placing ads on Google with phone numbers pretending to be Revolut customer support. To help keep you safe, we will never send you a text message asking you to click on a link, or to send us sensitive information, such as your card details or your app passcode.

Phishing Scams

Check our Security page for an overview of what a phishing scam is, how you can protect yourself and how Revolut protects you.

Getting help

Check our blog page to learn what chargeback is and when it can be requested.

Contact Us

If you would like further support please get in touch with us via our in-app chat service and we will be happy to help however best we can.