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This is freelance freedom

Revolut Pro is the all-in-one account for freelancers, side-hustlers, and sole traders. Make payments, take payments, and manage your money — all from the Revolut app. And it starts with zero monthly fees. T&Cs apply.

Go Pro without even leaving your Revolut app

Your freelance and personal accounts live side by side — so you can manage your business income and expenses, as well as your personal finances, in the same place.

Get cashback wherever your gig takes you

Use your Pro card for business expenses to earn up to 1.2% cashback every time you spend — hard work should be rewarding. Cashback dependent on plan.Join Revolut Pro

Online payments, made personal

Whether you send a customised Payment Link or professional invoice — give your customers their choice of simple and secure payment methods.

Payment fees starting from 1% + £0.20 per transaction. T&Cs apply.
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The app that does it all

Change the way you do money — from your side hustle to your every day spending, at home or abroad.Join Revolut Pro
Easily switch between business and pleasure
Easily switch between business and pleasure
Travelling abroad? Get competitive currency exchange
Travelling abroad? Get competitive currency exchange
Easily switch between business and pleasure
Easily switch between business and pleasure
Add your branding so your customers can pay with confidence
Add your branding so your customers can pay with confidence
Add your branding so your customers can pay with confidence
Add your branding so your customers can pay with confidence

Go Pro no sweat

Sign up to Pro at speed, starting at £0 monthly. Got Revolut already? Become a Pro in a few taps. Super fast, no strings attached.Join Revolut Pro

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Your questions answered

  • Revolut Pro offers a simplified business account available within the personal Revolut mobile app. It’s built to meet the needs of people with smaller-scale ventures — like freelancers, sole traders, and side-hustlers. You can use Revolut Pro if you’re not registered in your local business registry. Once you set up a Revolut Pro account within your Revolut account, you’ll be set up with a separate IBAN (international bank account number), which comes with its own debit card, account details, and cashback offers. We don’t charge an additional subscription fee for Revolut Pro, but we do charge fees for accepting customer payments.
  • Revolut Pro offers simple and ready-to-use in-person and online payment options you can use to get paid from customers around the world, 24/7. Our payment options give you the freedom to choose how you want to request payments, while giving your customers a range of ways to pay you. Settle and track your business payments in the same app you handle your personal finances — it's that simple.
  • You can take all types of payments with Revolut Pro including debit cards, credit cards, digital wallets, and American Express (AMEX). Once you start receiving card payments, you’ll be charged a processing fee per successful transaction. Here's a breakdown of our payment processing fees: Revolut Reader
    • 1.5% for Visa and Mastercard card types (domestic personal, commercial and International)

    Tap to Pay on iPhone
    • 1.7% for all card types (domestic personal, commercial and International)

    Online transactions (including QR Codes, Payment Links, and Invoices)
    • 1.0% + £0.20/€0.20 for domestic personal Visa or MasterCard cards
    • 1.0% + £0.20/€0.20 (or equivalent) for Revolut Pay
    • 1.5% + £0.20/€0.20 (or equivalent) for domestic personal AMEX cards
    • 2.8% + £0.20/€0.20 (or equivalent) for international + commercial cards
  • With Revolut Pro, you can enable Tap to Pay on iPhone, which allows you to accept in-person payment using your iPhone without needing any extra hardware or payment terminals. Tap to Pay on iPhone is currently available in the UK and France.
    Learn more.
  • Revolut Reader is our card and contactless reader you can use to take in-person payments with your Revolut Pro account. Order your Revolut Reader for a one-time cost of £49, and start accepting payments on the go, wherever you are. This product is currently available in UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Romania.
  • Request online and in-person payments easily with Revolut Pro by sending a Payment Link. You don’t even need a website, and you can send links via email, text, social media — really any method you choose. Once customers receive your link, they can pay you safely and securely via their chosen method. You can also reuse Payment Links so you don’t have to create the same link twice, or set limits if you’ll only need one a few times. Plus, add your colour and logo so customers know it’s you, and can pay with confidence. We won’t charge any fees for creating or sending Payment Links — we’ll only charge for successful payment processing.
  • Request in-person payments through Revolut Pro by generating QR codes customers can scan. It's a safe and secure payment option with no additional hardware or terminals. We won’t charge you for creating QR codes, only for successful payment processing.
  • Save time and money by creating invoices from your Revolut Pro account. Share it to request a payment, and your customer can choose how to pay you. There’s no fee for creating or sending invoices, but you’ll be charged a fee for accepting payments into your Revolut Pro account.
  • Revolut Pro account holders can earn unlimited cashback on eligible transactions made with physical or virtual cards. The cashback is transferred monthly and deposited into your Revolut Pro account in your base currency. Check the cashback section by tapping above your Revolut Pro balance. It may take up to 7 days to get your cashback. Cashback percentages vary based on your personal Revolut plan:
    • Ultra 1.2%
    • Metal 0.8%
    • Premium 0.6%
    • Plus/Standard 0.4%
    You won’t be able to earn cashback on spend with certain excluded merchants, such as those who provide financial services.