Revolut Reader

Take payments anywhere

Accept in-person payments from the palm of your hand, wherever you go. Scale your sales with the card reader built for growth.

Made for merchants on-the-move

Business calling? Take Reader with you — and accept payments in under 3 seconds. No cords. No need to keep charging. Just make sales and access your money the next day. T&Cs apply.

Save with low fees on every sale

Keep more of what you earn with each sale — our competitive pay-per-transaction pricing starts at just 0.8% + £0.02 for domestic consumer cards. T&Cs applyLearn more about pricing

Access funds the next day

Don't wait days for money you’ve already earned. Revolut Business offers next-day settlement even on holidays and weekends, so you’ll have your money when you need it. T&Cs applyOrder your Reader

Get to know Revolut Reader

Create the ideal, in-person checkout experience for your customers with all the features your business needs.

  1. Analytics

    Unlock key sales insights, boost efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition with data-driven decisions.

  2. Tipping

    Add the option for your customers to add a digital tip — after all, great service deserves great recognition!

  3. All-day battery

    No time to charge? No problem. The Revolut Reader can power your sales all day long.

  4. No subscription

    Get the Revolut Reader for a one-time cost of £49. No subscription needed. T&Cs apply. Order yours today.

Create a custom catalogue

Add colour-coded products and categories to your store's catalogue. With every item at your fingertips, you can work through your queues even faster. Create it in a tap, add your items, and start ringing through sales.Get started
  • Visa
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Contactless
  • Title

Get started in a few simple steps

  1. 1

    Sign up for an account

    Join Revolut Business and open your own Merchant account.

  2. 2

    Order your Reader

    Once verified, tap on the Merchant tab from your dashboard > More > Order a card reader.
  3. 3

    Start selling

    When your device arrives, connect it to your phone or tablet in a few easy steps. Now you’re ready to start selling!


  • All payments processed through the Revolut Reader will be settled in your Merchant account within 24 hours.
  • Revolut Reader supports Chip and PIN and contactless Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro payments, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • Currently, we only integrate with Revolut POS. We have more integrations coming soon.Learn more about Revolut POS.
  • You need to create a profile for them in your Revolut Business account and set them up with the right permissions:
    1. Log in to Revolut Business and go to the Team tab. Select Invite and enter the email address of the team member you want to invite. You can invite multiple team members at the same time.
    2. Create your team members' profile and configure their permissions, giving them access to the Merchant tab and allowing them to create payment requests.
    For more on configuring team member permissions,please see the instructions.
  • You can send receipts in two ways:
    1. Select Send receipt from the payment confirmation screen in-app. This should happen as soon as the transaction is complete.
    2. Locate the relevant payment from the transaction list, select it, and choose Send Receipt.
    You also have a special offer for your customers in your receipts, which they can unlock when they sign-up to Revolut. Keen to promote Revolut and unlock some additional revenue? Check out ourMerchant Affiliate Programme.
  • We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you return the device to us for any reason within 30 days of the purchase date, we'll refund its cost to your Revolut Business account. The Revolut Reader also comes with a 1-year warranty. If you find any faults in the device within this period, we'll replace it free of charge. For help with a warranty or to request a return, please get in touch with out Support team. For more information, read the Revolut Readerterms and conditions.