Become an affiliate partner

Enjoying the simplicity of Revolut? Your customers will too. Become an affiliate partner and invite your customers to Revolut — and we’ll pay you for every successful referral. T&Cs apply.

Why should I become an affiliate?

  • Your customers can earn money too

    When your customers sign up to Revolut, they’ll also get a cash bonus from us. It’s win-win!

  • Recover up to 50% of your processing fees

    You’ll get at least £5 for every new customer you refer to Revolut — an easy way to earn back the cost of your processing fees.

  • Give your customers a better way to money

    Introducing your customers to Revolut has its perks for them, too. From earning cashback to spending it abroad, Revolut makes every day more rewarding.

What our affiliate Merchants say"We've been Revolut Affiliate partners for a few months now and have seen spectacular growth. Besides the Affiliate Program itself, we really appreciate working with Revolut’s wonderful, designated team"

How do I promote Revolut as an affiliate?


  • Any Revolut Business merchant can apply to become a Revolut affiliate.Click here to apply
  • Simply click 'Join affiliate program' below or at the top of this page to apply via our affiliate platform, Impact. If you already have an account with Impact, please click 'I already have an account.' You must provide your full name (if an individual) or legal business name (if a company) under "Account Display Name" field. Applications submitted without a full name will be rejected.Join affiliate program
  • Our online program focuses on merchants that accept payments online (through Revolut Pay or Gateway), while our in-person program is focused on merchants that accept payments in-store (through Revolut Reader, Revolut POS or Tap-to-Pay on iPhone). You can promote both programmes, as long as you accept payments with Revolut Business, both in-person and online.Start accepting payments
  • For online affiliate merchants, you'll need to implement the following requirements for your application to be accepted: - Add Revolut Pay to your platform and feature it in the top 3 position at checkout - Display a Revolut Pay promo banner on your landing page to encourage customers to sign up to Revolut - Promote Revolut's sign-up cash rewards on your customer newsletters Once your application is accepted, you’ll be credited whenever you bring a new active customer to Revolut. After signing up via your link/landing page, passing KYC and topping up, your leads will then become new active customers and you’ll be awarded a commission. For in-person affiliate merchants, you'll be provided with some dedicated materials to place in-store. Once your leads become active Revolut customers, you'll be credited. When you make a successful referral, please allow at least one day for tracking data to appear on Impact.
  • You’ll earn at least £5 per successful referral. More details will be provided when signing up to the program. T&Cs apply.
  • Payments are monthly, on 30-day terms.
  • Once you’ve joined our affiliate program, we'll send you: - A link to a bank of pre-approved creative assets you can use in your promotional content (online program) - Posters to place in-store (in-person program)
  • Please contact us viathis form.

Become an affiliate partner