Meet your financial goals with Vaults

Vaults are an easy, fast way to put money aside towards your financial goals. Whether you choose to round up every transaction, set up a recurring payment or simply make one-off contributions, you’ll be able to set up a Vault in seconds and immediately start saving.

Round up your spare change

Every time you make a purchase with your Revolut card, we’ll automatically round up your transaction to the nearest whole number and place the difference into your Vault.

Set up a recurring payment

Getting paid at the end of the month? Set up a weekly or monthly recurring payment and automatically send a specific amount into your Vault.

Start saving in seconds

Setting up a Vault only takes a few seconds. Simply give your Vault a name and tell us how much you'd like to put away, turn on the spare change feature and you’re good to go.

Revolut app screen

Save for anything, effortlessly

Every time you make a roundup payment, we’ll send you a notification letting you how much is going into your Vault, as well as the total amount in there to date.

Revolut app screen