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Our current rate$1 = ₨ 201.4047
Additional fees$10.00
Exchange rates are dynamic. Always remember to check the applicable rate in-app before carrying out your exchange

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Australian Dollars to Sri Lankan Rupees conversion rates

1 AUD201.40 LKR
5 AUD1,007.02 LKR
10 AUD2,014.04 LKR
25 AUD5,035.11 LKR
50 AUD10,070.23 LKR
100 AUD20,140.47 LKR
500 AUD100,702.35 LKR
1,000 AUD201,404.70 LKR
5,000 AUD1,007,023.50 LKR
10,000 AUD2,014,047.01 LKR
50,000 AUD10,070,235.06 LKR
1 LKR0.00 AUD
5 LKR0.02 AUD
10 LKR0.04 AUD
25 LKR0.12 AUD
50 LKR0.24 AUD
100 LKR0.49 AUD
500 LKR2.45 AUD
1,000 LKR4.90 AUD
5,000 LKR24.52 AUD
10,000 LKR49.05 AUD
50,000 LKR245.25 AUD

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How much does it cost to convert Australian Dollars to Sri Lankan Rupees?

When sending AUD to LKR, we won't charge you currency exchange fees on weekdays (within your plan allowance). Weekend fees may apply. See our fees page for more details.
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How do I transfer money from AUD to LKR?

Just add money to your Revolut account, choose how much you want to send, and where to. With great fees and low exchange rates, Revolut makes it affordable and easy to convert AUD to LKR and send it globally.

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How long does it take to transfer AUD to LKR online?

  • Transfers to other Revolut accounts arrive in minutes
  • Most other cross-border transfers will usually arrive the same day
  • Tap below to find our usual timeframes for bank transfers
We’ll keep you updated on the status of your transfer.
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Convert Australian Dollars to Sri Lankan Rupees with Revolut

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