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Payment Terms - Payment Pages

Revolut's Payment Processing Services Agreement states that its Payment Processing Services may be subject to additional terms relating to a specific Payment Method. This agreement sets out those additional terms and conditions for:

  • Payment Links;
  • Revolut.Me;
  • Revolut Pay In-Store;
  • Invoices; and
  • Any other functionality where we allow you to receive or process payments using a webpage hosted by us.

(all together, "Payment Pages").

We call this document the "Payment Pages Terms" (or just the "Terms").

You cannot use Payment Pages to process payments unless you first enter into a Payment Processing Services Agreement with us. All payments made to you via Payment Pages will be processed according to that agreement.

These Terms apply to merchants who use Payment Pages to process or receive payments (“Merchants” or “you”). They do not apply to anyone who uses Payment Pages to make a payment (we call them “Customers” in these Terms). If a Merchant uses Payment Pages to make a payment to someone else, they will be acting as a Customer and so these Terms will not apply to the Merchant when making that payment.

1. Receiving or processing payments using Payment Pages

A Payment Page is a Revolut hosted webpage that we provide which allows you to receive or process payments.

Payment Pages can be used to accept payments from both Revolut and non Revolut customers. Non Revolut customers will be able to make the payment through the webpage. Revolut customers may be redirected to their app to complete the payment instead.

All Payment Pages require the payer to take specific steps and to authorise the payment. If the payer does not take these steps or authorise the payment, you will not be paid. You should always check that you have received from the payer the amount you expect.

Payment Pages may allow the payer to make payments using the following methods. The methods available on a particular Payment Page will vary. We may change or remove these methods without notice:

  • Card payments.
  • Open Banking.
  • Revolut Pay.
  • Manual bank transfer (we’ll provide you account number so they can make a manual transfer to you).

Any payment made to you on a Payment Page will be processed and priced under our Payment Processing Services Agreement, according to the method chosen by the Customer (for example, if the Customer chooses to pay by card payment, it will be charged as a card payment).

We may put limits on the value you can receive through a particular Payment Page or the time that Payment Page will be valid. Where we do, we will show you this in the app.

Payment Links

All Payment Pages can be used to make payments on an ongoing basis. By default, Payment Links can be used on an ongoing basis too. However, you can also choose to set a maximum number of times a payment link can be used to make a payment. If you do, once it has been used to make that number of payments it cannot be used again.

Revolut Pay In Store

We will provide you with a QR code you can use to direct people to your Revolut Pay In Store Payments Page to receive payments.

2. Customising Payment Pages

We may require you to provide certain information about your business before you can use a specific type of Payment Page (for example, information about your business or products, or branding assets). Any required information will be set out in the app. We may also allow you to provide optional information to customise your Payment Page. (All together, “Customised Information”.)

Any Customised Information you provide must be reviewed and approved by us before being used on your Payment Page. If it is not approved by us, you may not be able to use the Payment Page. We can decline to approve any Customised Information, or revoke any previous approval, at our sole discretion.

We will not approve any Customised Information which:

  • Is discriminatory, hateful, objectifying or prejudiced;
  • Is criminal, violent or antisocial;
  • Is sexually explicit;
  • Contains trademarks, logos,l or other intellectual property not owned by the account owner;
  • Makes direct or indirect references to a person other than the account owner;
  • Breaches any other terms and conditions you have agreed to with us; or
  • Otherwise could reasonably be considered inappropriate.

We are not responsible and cannot be held liable for any claims, issue or loss in relation to any Customised Information you provide. If we incur any third party claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, demands, or fines in connection with any Customised Information you provide, you must reimburse us immediately upon demand.

If you share your business trademark, logo or other intellectual property with us as part of your Customised Information, we agree that we do not acquire any right, title or interest in it and that you retain full control and ownership rights of your intellectual property.