Joint Account Fees

Joint Account Card

Each Joint account holder can order a Standard card for your Joint account.

First Joint Account Card for each Joint Account Holder

Free (but a delivery fee applies).

Replacement Joint Account Cards

£5 per replacement (a delivery fee applies).

Delivery Charge for Joint Account Card

We’ll show you what fee applies for delivery before you order your card in the Revolut app. The delivery charge may vary depending on where you are sending the card.

Other fees and limits

When you use your Joint account, the fees and limits for your individual Personal account (set out in the Personal fees page for your plan) apply to any services where a specific fee or limit is not stated on this page. For example:

  • You will pay the same fees on your Joint account and individual Personal account for any payment, transaction, or conversion you make.
  • Any conversion you make on your Joint account will also count towards any fair usage or other limits you have on your individual Personal account.
  • Any fee ATM allowances you make on your Joint account will also count towards the allowance you have on your individual Personal account.

These fees and limits are specific to each individual Joint account holder and are determined by the plan they have chosen. This means each Joint account holder may have different fees and limits. For example, if you have a Metal plan and your partner has a Standard plan, you will have different fees and limits to your partner.

Other benefits

Although the fees and limits for your individual Personal account apply to your Joint account, any benefits of your Personal account do not, except as stated on this page.

Metal customers can benefit from Metal Cashback on eligible transactions they make when using their Joint account. The cashback will be credited to their Cashback Metal Pocket. To receive Metal Cashback, you need to be a Metal customer and make an eligible transaction with your Joint card or Personal card. You cannot receive Metal Cashback for a transaction made by the other account holder from the Joint Account, even if they are Metal customer too.

Any insurance cover or other benefits you receive for your Personal account activity do not apply to your Joint account activity.

To view this in the regulator's standardised format please click here. It also applies to your Joint Account.

A glossary of the terms used in this document is available free of charge.

Note: If a fee is stated in a currency other than the base currency of your account, it will be charged in your base currency. This conversion is made and fixed using a reasonable exchange rate at the time each individual fee is set. This prevents fees fluctuating.