Freelancer fees

Freelancer Fees (Ultimate)

Ultimate Subscription

Subscription fee

$39.99 per month

Account Service Charges

Account Services


Mobile / Web Application


First card per team member


Delivery Charges for Subsequent Revolut Cards

  • Standard Delivery: $4.99
  • Expedited Priority Delivery: $16.99
  • Global Express Delivery: $19.99

Paper Statement Charge


Virtual Revolut Card


ATM Fair Usage Fee

Up to 2% of value of withdrawal. This is in addition to any fees charged by the ATM owner.

Loading your card via direct deposit


Cancellation and plan downgrade fee



Freelancer Ultimate Plan


Cost if Allowance Exceeded

Payments to Revolut accounts



Team Members



Local Transfers


$0.20 per additional transfer

International Transfers


International transfers: $5.00 per additional transfer

No-Fee FX Allowance


Foreign exchange fees: 0.6% markup above your no fee FX allowance

Topup and limits

Business Basic Plan


Physical Cards

Three (3) per team member

Virtual Cards

200 per team member

ATM Withdrawal

$3,750 per day (or the equivalent in other currencies)

Plan Trial

In some cases you may be offered a trial of the product for a period of time without the Plan fee. During a plan trial you are granted the allowances stated above, according to the plan you chose during signup. If you exceed these allowances we will charge you as per the fees above.

Billing Cycle

You will be billed in advance of the month. Your allowances will reset on the first day of the billing month. If you chose to move plan mid-billing cycle, your subscription will start again and your allowances will be reset according to your new plan immediately.


Whenever you make a currency exchange in the Revolut app or Revolut Dashboard, we'll use an exchange rate based on our market rate, which is based on foreign-exchange market rates. There is more information about our exchange rate in our Business Terms.

For certain conversions we apply an extra percentage-based fee, which may change according to when and how frequently the currencies are traded. These fees are set out in the table below.

We charge a higher fee outside foreign-exchange-market hours because less currency is traded during these times. Outside foreign-exchange-market hours are all hours except 5:00pm on Friday to 6:00pm on Sunday, Eastern Time.

Currency Exchange Fees


All currencies: No fee


All currencies: 1.0%

Pay All Transfer Fees feature (International Transfers and Non-USD Domestic Transfers Only)

The Pay All Transfer Fees Feature allows you to pay a flat upfront fee which is charged instead of the International Transfer fee that would otherwise apply. This feature is only available for transfers in the following currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, and CHF. Transfers made using this feature do not count toward your monthly allowance and are inclusive of any international transfer fee that may be charged by Revolut.

Please refer to the effective Revolut Business Cardholder Agreement for complete details regarding all Business Plan Fees.