Airport Lounge Pass

DragonPass Lounge Pass

We are transitioning our Lounge Pass provider from LoungeKey to DragonPass. All new and existing customers will be provided services by LoungeKey until they are notified by email of a migration to DragonPass. This document sets out the post-migration terms and conditions for DragonPass. If you have not been migrated yet, our previous LoungeKey terms and conditions apply.

1. Why this is information important

This document sets out the terms and conditions for the Airport Lounge Pass feature (“Lounge Pass”). It also sets out other important things that you need to know.

These terms and conditions (the “Terms”), along with the Fees page and any other terms and conditions that apply to our services, form a legal agreement (the "Agreement") between:

  • you, the Lounge Pass user; and
  • us, Revolut Ltd and Revolut Technologies Inc.

In order to provide the Lounge Pass feature to you, the Revolut entity that you hold an account with will also provide you with underlying payment services (for example, when Revolut debits your account for the amount of your Lounge Pass after you confirm your booking in the app).

For example, if you are a Revolut Technologies Inc. customer, Revolut Ltd will provide you with the Lounge Pass service but Revolut Technologies Inc. will provide you with the underlying payment services.

The Revolut Technologies Inc. Cardholder Agreement, Personal Terms, and Privacy Policy apply to your Revolut account and you use of the Airport Lounge Pass feature. As a Revolut user, you have rights and obligations under all terms that apply to your Revolut account in relation to the payment services element of the Lounge Pass service.

2. Who can purchase and use Lounge Passes?

Lounge Passes can be purchased through the Revolut App, either in advance of a trip or at the time you want to enter the lounge.

We may limit the number of passes you can purchase in advance.

  • The price is shown in the App and may change.
  • A single Lounge Pass is valid for one visit per person and is valid as long as your Revolut account remains open.
  • You may not access more than one individual Lounge within a two-hour period.

You are required to display a valid boarding pass and ID/Passport to enjoy your lounge service.

3. Can I get a refund for unused Lounge Passes?

You can request a refund for any unused Lounge Passes within 14 days of purchase via our in-App chat function.

4. Is Revolut responsible if something goes wrong with my Lounge Pass?

As this service is provided by a third party, Revolut is not responsible if something goes wrong with:

  • your Lounge Pass after you have purchased or received it; or
  • your use of the Lounge.

5. Can Revolut suspend my Lounge Pass?

We can suspend your access to Lounge Passes if we suspect any fraudulent or abusive behavior (for example, if you share your complimentary Lounge Passes with anyone else or we detect unreasonably frequent use).

Contact Revolut via in app chat if you have questions about why your Lounge Pass access has been suspended.

7. Some other legal bits and pieces

DragonPass's Conditions of Use

When using the Lounge Services, you must comply with

  1. DragonPass' Terms and Conditions;
  2. The terms of your Revolut account; and
  3. The Terms and Conditions of any Lounge.

Changes to these Terms

Revolut may change these terms at any time at its sole discretion. If we change these terms, we will provide you with notice of the change(s) as required under applicable law.

Complaints and Disputes

If you’d just like to speak to someone about an issue that’s concerning you, please contact us through the Revolut app.

Please refer to our Complaints Policy for any complaints directed to Revolut.

We’ll look into your complaint and respond to you by email. We will communicate with you in English, unless we tell you otherwise.

If your complaint relates to the underlying payment services you received in relation to Lounge Pass, please reach out to Support and let them know you want to make a complaint. This will be a complaint against the Revolut entity that provides you with your Revolut account. Please refer to the Personal Terms that apply to your Revolut account for more information on complaints related to payment services.

New York Law Applies

The laws of the State of New York apply to this agreement.

Bringing a claim against us

If you want to bring a claim against us in the courts, the courts located in New York County, New York will be able to deal with any claims relating to these terms and conditions. If you live in another country, you can bring a claim in the courts which are local to you.