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BIPA User Consent

BIPA User Consent

In order to verify that you are the person depicted in your government-issued identification, Revolut Technologies, Inc. (hereinafter, “Revolut”), uses third-party technology from Incode Technologies, Inc. (hereinafter “Incode”) to collect personal data and/or information from or about you, including biometric information and biometric identifiers such as your faceprint (“Biometric Information”), a selfie, and government-issued identification, including information contained within the barcode (collectively with Biometric Information, the “Personal Data”). Specifically, Revolut and/or Incode will ask you to take a selfie through the Incode Omni Powered by Incode platform through Revolut’s web and native application. Incode will then scan and map your facial features in comparison with the picture on your government-issued identification to allow you to create and/or access your account with Revolut.

Biometric Information: Revolut and Incode may use your Personal Data, such as your faceprint, for the following purposes (as applicable), in each case as further described in Revolut’s Privacy Policy and/or Incode’s Privacy Policy.

  • To provide the services for which the Personal Data and Biometric Information were provided;
  • To improve or modify Incode’s products and services; and
  • To comply with Revolut or Incode’s obligations under applicable law.

Note that Revolut and/or Incode may disclose your Personal Data to Revolut and/or Incode’s service providers, and as otherwise required under applicable law. You can request that Revolut and/or Incode delete your Personal Data at any time by emailing Revolut at dpo@revolut.com or Incode at legalcompliance@incode.com. If you request deletion of your Personal Data, Incode will not be able to recover it at a later point. Incode will permanently delete Biometric Information that it processes on behalf of Revolut or for Incode’s own purposes by the earlier of: (i) the time at which the purpose for which it was collected has been satisfied; or (ii) three years after your last interaction with Incode. Government Identification Information: Using Incode Omni on the Revolut website and/or application requires Incode to take a picture of the front and back of: (1) your driver’s license or state-issued identification card; or (2) your U.S. passport (collectively “Documentation”). This allows Incode to compare the photo of your Documentation with the real-time image of you that Incode will capture through the “Let’s Take a Selfie” function. Incode will also collect other information that is on the front and back of your driver’s license, state-issued identification card, or U.S. passport, including the barcode and information derived from the barcode (e.g., name, date of birth, height). We use this information primarily to verify your identity and to prevent fraud.


By tapping on the “Accept and continue” button on the previous screen and providing Revolut with your Personal Data, including your Biometric Information and Documentation, you consent to Revolut’s and Incode’s collection, storage, retention, use and disclosure of your such information to provide the identity verification services, consistent with

Envelope ID: 0130EAD2-DF15-45CE-9914-D58E2D5C776C

Revolut’s Privacy Notice which you may find at Privacy Policy | Revolut US. Even if you consent, you can subsequently withdraw consent at any time.

By tapping on the “Accept and continue” button on the previous screen and providing Incode with your Personal Data, including your Biometric Information, you consent to Incode’s collection, storage, retention, use and disclosure of such Personal Data to improve or modify Incode’s products or services, consistent with Incode’s Privacy Notice at Privacy Policy | Incode. Your consent is voluntarily given, and you are under no obligation to consent. Even if you consent, you can subsequently withdraw consent at any time. If you do not consent, Incode will not process your Personal Data for purposes of improving Incode’s products or services, even if you consented to use of your Personal Data for identity verification services which you may still receive.